UrVenue Update for Summer 2023


UrVenue is introducing a new category of hotel technology called the Property Experience Management System (PXMS). UrVenue’s platform, UV Enterprise, is a full-stack technology solution that enables operators to sell, yield and operate on-property experiences. Resort leaders can sell their experience-based inventory with as much flexibility as they have today with their rooms and monetize and manage experience-based inventory across the entire property.

Why Do Resorts Need a PXMS? Lodging is an industry centered around hotel reservations, but the hospitality industry spans multiple segments, including lodging, F&B, entertainment and recreation. While they are quick to adopt new technology platforms and innovations to manage their day-to-day business needs, resort leaders often use a multitude of unintegrated technology solutions specific to each type of ancillary experience – one system for restaurant reservations, another for live entertainment, a third for pool rentals, and so on. These siloed systems lead to siloed guest experiences, siloed operational processes and siloed employees.

To book multiple experiences, guests jump from website to website, encountering a fractured booking journey, limiting their understanding of what the property has to offer. Instead of adapting their operations to each system’s specific capabilities, operators using a PXMS can manage all experiences from a single platform, eliminating discrepancies between departments and reducing frustration among employees.

Where and How Is a PXMS Used?

With a PXMS, resort operators can manage all non-room inventory at their pools, restaurants, private dining rooms, bars, lounges, showrooms, spas, golf courses and special events. They can sell this inventory as a la carte bookings, as packages or included in resort day passes. They can sell multiple experiences not only in the same booking channel, but also in the same shopping cart. Resort leaders can apply revenue management strategies like yielding, personalized quotes and upfront deposits across all of their inventory.

A PXMS can also integrate with PMSs and any other best-in-breed solutions, such as OpenTable and Stripe – that operators wish to continue to use, connecting the dots between all the key guest touch points. A good PXMS can even go beyond the capabilities of a PMS, utilizing interactive 3D maps and allowing guests to choose the exact locations of the cabana or table.

What Are the Benefits of a PXMS?

Incremental Revenue: A PXMS empowers guests to curate their own itineraries in a single, unified booking journey. It keeps guests on property, drives direct bookings, facilitates price optimization and increases utilization.

More Efficient Operations: In addition to cost savings that result from a streamlined tech stack, resorts can operate with fewer staff and still provide a superior guest experience.

Higher Employee Satisfaction: A PXMS enables employees to become experts in a single technology platform and easily learn of all property’s offerings to share with guests.

Elevated Guest Experience: Guests go online or use their phones to explore all the resorts’ offerings and curate their own adventures.

UrVenue has a dominant presence on the Las Vegas Strip and services more than 300 venues in 10 countries. For more information on UrVenue, visit www.urvenue.com.

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