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Formerly Bulk TV, DCI Design Communications, and EthoStream, Allbridge is the trusted partner to help your property deliver one connected experience to your customers with all data, video, and voice technologies. 
Managing IT systems today is more complicated than ever as consumer technology advances, aging infrastructure, multiple suppliers and vendors, and corporate guidelines collide. Allbridge offers a simple answer – a single, partner who can own the entire network from design and procurement to installation and ongoing maintenance. With combined expertise in data, video, and voice – and strong relationships with the major suppliers – Allbridge delivers a truly integrated system that can scale to your needs, reduce your capital expenditures and free your staff to focus on your internal IT priorities.  
Years in business
Dave O'Connell, CEO
HTNG Designation

What Makes You Special?

Reduce capital expenditures and free your IT staff to focus on internal priorities
A dependable partner that will honor commitments to the letter 
A truly scalable, integrated system
Best of breed, technology agnostic solutions


Allbridge Announces Key Additions of Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance

Allbridge, the leading provider of data, video, and voice solutions to Hospitality, Healthcare, and Higher Education properties nationwide, announces recent additions to the executive management team—Mike Schaffer as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Anthony (Tony) Buglak as VP of Finance and Controller.

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