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  • Digital Tipping
  • Guest Communication
  • Guest Experience
  • Mobile Device Technology
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Guest Management
  • Kiosks and Remote Check-in

Canary Technologies

Canary Technologies is modernizing the hotel tech stack, with the first mobile web end-to-end Guest Management System, digitizing everything from post-booking through checkout. Trusted by thousands of hotels in more than 65 countries, Canary’s solutions help hotels eliminate paper processes, boost revenue with upsells, raise staff efficiency, ensure PCI compliance, improve the guest experience, and reduce chargebacks and payment fraud. Learn more at canarytechnologies.com.
Years in business
Harman Narula
HTNG Designation
PCI Compliant

What Makes You Special?

Canary Technologies is bringing the hotel tech stack into the 21st century with its award-winning end-to-end Guest Management System and Digital Authorizations solution.

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