• Housekeeping
  • Work Order Automation
  • Preventive Maintenance and Engineering
  • Guest Service
  • Operations Management
  • Mobile Device Technology


Quore develops innovative cloud-based solutions that hotels use to run their day-to-day operations more efficiently. Quore improves communications between guests and staff by streamlining housekeeping, guest relations, engineering, and every other aspect of running a hotel. The bottom line is that we make life easier for everyone who works in a hotel, which means guests get their needs met faster. With smarter teams and happier guests, everybody wins. 
Years in business
Scott Schaedle
HTNG Designation

What Makes You Special?

Quore works to exceed their customer’s expectations, continuously improve their guest services and solve problems, because when hotels work smarter, everyone gets the end result they’re aiming for—happier guests. 


Integration Partnership Between Crave Interactive and Quore is Enabling Hotels to Deliver World-Class Digital Hotel Services
What happens when two of hospitality’s top-rated technologies align? It raises the bar on service delivery and sets new industry standards for guest engagement. 
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