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SHR Group

  • 1334 Brittmoore, Suite 2410, Houston, TX
  • 77043 US | 800.252.0522

SHR Group is a leading provider of innovative and intelligent technology solutions for the hospitality industry. Allora.ai, the world’s leading intelligent and integrated hospitality platform, is the flagship product of SHR Group. Allora.ai helps hotels stay always ahead as it leverages the power of AI, with a dynamic suite of hotel management software tools. Alongside allora.ai, we also have SHR Group Hotel Services which focuses on empowering the hospitality industry with award-winning website design and marketing services, and unmatched AI-powered hotel acquisition management and retention solutions.

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AI Creates Happier Guests and Increases Hotel Profitability, Says AI Pioneer
AI creates happier guests and increases hotel profitability, says tech pioneer Frank Reeves, who launched the first AI-powered booking engine in 2017.

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