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  • Sales and Catering
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Mobile Device Technology
  • Security
  • Business Intelligence
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Sertifi is one of the hospitality industry’s leading e-contracting and e-signature platforms that enables hotel sales and human resources departments to close business faster and reduce costs by electronically sending, e-signing and managing agreements with customers. By speeding the time it takes to get customer contracts signed and returned, it affords more time to close on new business. Sertifi is ideal for sales, catering or human resources groups who require signatures on agreements.


Sertifi Says: Paper Contracts Hinder Hotels 'Green' Efforts, Revenues
You would be hard-pressed today to find a hotel that does not claim to be “Environmentally Friendly” to some extent, whether they have direct water and energy conservation programs or simply participate in a recycling program, donate to charity or hire locally.
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