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ALICE Concierge Draws Rave Reviews from Hotel Concierges Nationwide

  • 08.16.16
ALICE Concierge is a new technology platform that empowers concierges to provide optimum guest service, offers the ability to track all guest requests and vendor information in one system.

With vast functionality featuring reminders, itineraries, Google-like search, and text messaging with guests, hotel concierges can handle and respond to guest requests quickly, efficiently and with aplomb.

ALICE launched the new technology this spring, and it’s already in place at some of Manhattan’s most sought after hotels – and close to a 100 distinctive properties nationwide.

“Hotel concierges are busy people, never more so than during the summer months and nowhere more so than in New York City – previous concierge solutions we had used were very limited in their flexibility, an example being workflow status on a request," said Noah Lemaich, concierge at Manhattan’s trendy SIXTY LES. "It was basically, open a request – then, close. Working with the ALICE team, we were able to build in custom workflows for every type of request we receive.”

The result: Better workflow for the concierge, and better service for the guest.

The ALICE Concierge technology was developed after two years of intensive research, working with New York City’s leading concierges. The result is a single system for request tracking and guest communication for any concierge team. Concierges are able to easily access all details of any request made by a guest and communicate directly with guests via texting, mobile apps or email. With guest expectations of premium service rapidly increasing, ALICE provides a platform that allows staff to stay organized and communicate with guests on their preferred communication channel.

“There’s no substitute for a well trained concierge that knows his way around the city and understands how to serve guests quickly and flexibly," said Lemaich. "ALICE Concierge allows us to do our jobs even better, managing all guest communications all in one place, via text, email, phone, in person, or through our hotel app – and providing comprehensive online connectivity to the city’s unparalleled resources to allow us to deliver on requests quickly and efficiently. This often enables quick turnaround and access to unique experiences we could have not provided otherwise. It’s an amazing system.”

The technology was tested at other Manhattan hotels including SIXTY LES & the Dream Downtown, which now also use the system to empower their concierge teams.
ALICE offers a multi-tiered suite of solutions for hotels:                                                                                        
ALICE SUITE – an end-to-end system that allows hotels to run on one platform, connecting guests with the hotel, and all service departments within the hotel to one another – fully incorporating all of the individual ALICE solutions listed below.
ALICE STAFF – a complete, easy to use request management software that connects front-desk, housekeeping, maintenance and F&B teams in real-time, providing quick and simple ticket management, monitoring for completion time, and real-time mobile app for service staff on the move.
ALICE CONCIERGE – a tool to keep the concierge team organized and to connect the concierge and the guest instantly and seamlessly, providing guests with instant responses to requests – and saving the concierge time and effort in meeting those requests.
innovative guest facing Mobile, Web and SMS tools, integrated to allow a full range of guest communication and functionality, pre-arrival and on property – including ordering services, real-time chat, and upselling. 
ALICE’s solutions are in place in dozens of distinctive hotels across the U.S., and have been recognized for innovation in enabling multiple departments in a hotel to respond to guests’ requests quickly and easily.

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