ATRIO Spa Allows Simple Healings Nutrition Spa to Improve Customer Service and Better Manage Operations

  • Springer-Miller Systems
  • 06.25.15
PAR Springer-Miller Systems, Inc. has shared a case study of the deployment of the ATRIO Spa management system at Simple Healings Nutrition Spa in Las Vegas, Nev.

Offering massage treatments and wellness consultations, Simple Healings Nutrition Spa has experienced strong growth since it first opened in 2006. Owned by spa professional, Lynette Owens, Simple Healings deployed ATRIO Spa in July of 2014.

With this deployment, PAR Springer-Miller achieves another significant milestone in the expansion of the ATRIO Hospitality Technology Platform and continues to build upon its reputation for innovation in technology. Capitalizing on its vast experience in the spa industry where more than 71 percent of the world’s five-star spas use PAR Springer-Miller’s SpaSoft Spa Management System, PSMS created ATRIO Spa as the next generation spa and wellness system. Embracing true cloud computing, minimizing on-property technology and reducing implementation and training costs, ATRIO Spa delivers next-generation technology to the highly guest-focused spa industry.

For Simple Healings, growing their business meant taking a more active management role with repeat clientele and VIPs. Owens says that she, saw benefits using ATRIO Spa immediately, especially for managing clients booking via Groupon.

“With ATRIO Spa, I can see all bookings in one place and it helps me recognize how many times a client has visited us,” said Owens. “ATRIO Spa helps me recognize and service our frequent clients and VIPs, because everything is right in front of you.”

As a busy spa owner, Owens can pull up the full ATRIO Spa application on her tablet, allowing her to provide full service to every guest no matter where she happens to be.

Designed for people, ATRIO Spa presents a walk-up-and use experience, enabling spas to focus on training for guest service procedures instead of training system tasks. Employees relate to ATRIO Spa’s sleek user interface that feels like a familiar smart phone or gaming system.

“ATRIO Spa is so user-friendly that it’s kind of silly not to use it,” said Owens.  

A true, native cloud solution, ATRIO Spa moves the spa industry to a new user experience and a new way of doing business. By leveraging all the capabilities of Microsoft Windows Azure, ATRIO Spa dramatically reduces on-property technology requirements and data security risks. PAR Springer-Miller employs agile development methods with ATRIO Spa, resulting in frequent product releases and the ability react quickly to market needs for new features. 

“ATRIO Spa represents the manifestation of our leadership position in the global Spa Management Systems market.  In ATRIO Spa, we combined our deep domain knowledge with contemporary, cloud-based, design and development principles to produce the next generation of solutions for the industry,” said Larry Hall, president and CEO of PAR Springer-Miller.  “Lynette and Simple Healings provided us with great feedback on our design standards and innovative user experience.  We value greatly her commitment to ATRIO Spa and her insightful and thoughtful recommendations.”   
Read the full Simple Healings Case Study by clicking here.

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