AirRevive Refurbishes Little Rock Marriott's Guestroom Air Conditioning Units

  • AirRevive
  • 11.17.15
AirRevive, a leader in sustainable HVAC refurbishment and re-commissioning services for the hospitality industry, announced its completion of a guest room fan coil unit refurbishment project for the Little Rock Marriott.

Marriott engaged AirRevive to refurbish the guestroom’s Whalen fan coil units after the property’s $16 million dollar renovation in 2014. The renovation included upgrading the guestrooms to Marriott’s new design. The only former asset remaining was the 35-year old Whalen fan coil units.

“Working at Little Rock Marriott after its important renovation was an honor for AirRevive,” said AirRevive president Justin Del Sesto. “AirRevive loves to refurbish Whalen fan coil units. Even when the coils appear unrestricted they are not. Whalen units are difficult to clean thoroughly. AirRevive’s specialized tools, chemicals, and refined processes are demonstrably better than what the average facility manager can deploy. AirRevive’s service results in increased air flow and enhanced heat transfer. When Whalen fan coils are operating correctly they are very efficient. Even when it appears the units are nearing the end of life AirRevive’s service results in as-new operation and performance."

After an in-depth site inspection AirRevive determined the Whalen units could be refurbished to operate as new. Refurbishment offers several cost saving benefits for asset owners and management. Refurbishment is a fraction of the cost of replacements. AirRevive’s refurbishment is an in-room service. This eliminates tear out and construction costs usually associated with replacement units. Guest rooms at the Little Rock Marriott were completed and turned back within 24 hours. The property maintained its revenue because the rooms didn’t need to be out of service for long periods of time.  
Refurbishing fan coil units during or after a renovation is key to protecting the asset and indoor air quality. Factors such as pulling up carpets and removing and laying bathroom tiles end up bringing dust, debris and allergens into the fan coil units. This blows into the guestroom and eventually throughout the HVAC system. Drywall also produces very fine dust that is harmful to the fan motor. Air quality is compromised by wallpaper and paint producing chemicals in the air that ultimately reside in the fan coil. AirRevive’s comprehensive refurbishment process specifically its coil rejuvenation, blower assembly reconditioning and insulation replacement remove the potential damage to the units while improving indoor air quality.

AirRevive refurbished the 35-year old Whalen fan coil units. AirRevive’s proprietary coil rejuvenation restored the units to operate as-new. Rejuvenating the coils increases airflow. The coils and fins are deep cleaned which enhances heat transfer. The result of more efficient heat transfer combined with increased airflow is faster cooling and heating. This saves energy in the room and at the chiller and boiler.

When the rooms cool and heat quickly, the thermostat is satisfied faster which reduces motor run time ultimately saving energy. The property also saves energy at the chiller and boiler by: reducing the work required at the guest room level to maintain temperature set point which runs the chiller and boiler less; and reducing water supply and return temperature delta which reduces work to maintain the loop. 

Refurbishment is a cost efficient and sustainable choice extending the life of 450 assets while avoiding discarding 450 pieces of scrap metal.

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