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Aptech’s 50 Years: Powerful Tech Innovation, Family Culture, Trusted Partner

  • Aptech Computer Systems, Inc.
  • 03.25.20
Aptech Computer Systems celebrates 50 years of hospitality technology leadership in 2020. “We create solutions to increase our customers’ performance and profitability. We are who we are because of the clients we have,” said Jill Wilder, Aptech vice president. It is with great pride that Aptech’s back office, budgeting/forecasting, and business intelligence hotel accounting software solutions are industry standards used by hundreds of hotel companies to run their businesses.

 “Concord Hospitality and Aptech have had the pleasure of developing a valuable partnership spanning more than 20 years,” said Brian Cornell, Concord’s CIO. “Aptech’s powerful hospitality management tools and solutions, along with reliable customer-oriented service and support, have allowed Concord to build on the future by accessing the metrics needed to improve profit and performance.  It is rewarding to see our affiliation contribute to each other’s support and success.” Concord Hospitality operates more than 100 hotels and has more than three decades of experience in operating leading hotel brands including Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt, among others, in all economic cycles and markets throughout North America.
“When I started at Aptech in the 1980s we developed accounting applications for many industries as well as front office systems for hotels,” Wilder said.  “In the 1990s Aptech saw the Y2K problem was real.  Our focus then became solely hospitality with the creation of Profitvue back office, to overcome the 2-digit date limitation issues with existing systems.”  PVNG, Aptech’s newest version of hotel specific back office accounting, captures strong functionality with a simple user interface based on the latest cloud-based technology platforms.  Wilder said, “Aptech’s focus is always on relationships and developing solutions our clients want and that help the industry.”
Bryan M. Woodhouse, vice president of New Castle Hotels & Resorts, said, “NCH has partnered with Aptech for 30 years and we feel PVNG is one of the best hospitality financial systems on the market.

It is very user friendly, flexible, easy to navigate and definitely makes our operation more efficient. The cloud platform enables us to manage and review our reports from anywhere. We are able to quickly generate financial statements and allow owners to access reports as soon as they are completed.”
“Analysis of our customers’ data became more difficult with the introduction of many disparate data sources in each of their properties. This led Aptech to introduce our Execuvue, Business Intelligence system to the hospitality industry as the year 2000 was approaching,” Wilder said.  Today the Execuvue Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) System is used by the world’s largest chains and management companies.  Execuvue is an IBM Cognos-based ASP hospitality application that collects and analyzes performance data to enable faster goal achievement for large and small companies.
“Highpointe Hotel Corporation installed Aptech just prior to Y2K. We were looking for a new system that supported 21st Century date conventions,” said Mark Pate, Highpointe’s assistant controller/IT director. “We installed the Profitvue back office system at all of our properties.  Today we also use Aptech’s Execuvue business intelligence system. Aptech adapts its systems to match how Highpointe does business. They don’t force us into their operational mold. Aptech keeps up with emerging system trends and hosts all our cloud systems at their secure data center. Its team is one of the most professional support groups I have worked with.”
“Sandals Resorts began using Aptech’s Execuvue Business Intelligence System in 2004,” said Joanne Pearson, BSc FCA FCCA, director of corporate reporting for Sandals Resorts International. “We continue to use its upgraded version today. Execuvue collects our daily performance data and generates reports that are reviewed at our weekly corporate operations meetings. Execuvue’s reports let us assess our KPIs like occupancy, staffing, F&B costs, utilities and on property revenues for our entire portfolio of properties. Aptech’s support team has been phenomenal and to date, the company is more like friend and family than a technology provider.”
Wilder says, “Our customers then led us to streamline their budgeting/forecasting processes with the formation of Targetvue.  With an Excel-like user interface, a defined set of driver calculations, and a database controlling the standards of their budget models, our clients’ time is now devoted to the numbers rather than importing and consolidating property spreadsheets.”
Aptech’s core values are family-focused. “Our concern for our clients comes from our concern for our employees and their families. It is part of our culture,” Wilder said. “Jay Troutman, Aptech’s founder, said our most valuable asset goes home every night. The majority of our team has hotel backgrounds and some have been with us 45 years. This is a fun place to work and we enjoy our clients and working together.  Our 50 years of success are attributed to our client/employee relationships.  Each customer is our long-term partner.  We truly enjoy working together and intend on continuing this for many years to come.”

Aptech Computer Systems, Inc., based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the only provider of a fully integrated enterprise accounting, business intelligence and planning ecosystem to the hospitality industry.  All of its clients are companies like yours, which own or manage hotels. Its solutions help customers at both the corporate and property levels understand their financial and operational data for faster goal achievement. 

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