Asian Annual Hotel Performance Tracker Released HotStats Predicts Profit Decline to Deepen in 2020

  • HotStats
  • 04.17.20
Before the coronavirus pandemic began to wreak havoc on worldwide populations and economic markets in early 2020, some of Asia’s largest regions were seeing a decline in hospitality industry revenue and profit in 2019.

Cities including Shanghai and Hong Kong saw hotel revenues fall in 2019 across all departments, thanks to political instability, social unrest and the trade war between China and the U.S.
While other areas of Asia were better off in 2019, with Tokyo, Bangkok and Seoul seeing increases in room rates and revenue, experts say the boom was short-lived, with the public health threat that COVID-19 has unleashed on the world setting the benchmark for the first quarter of this year.
If the start of 2020 is any indication (and surely it is,) the negative revenue and profit news of 2019 will pale in comparison to what is on the horizon. This report by HotStats details those numbers for 2019 and gives a thoughtful and realistic view of what Asia’s hospitality industry can expect for the remainder of 2020.
A look back on 2019, shows some of the difficulty already plaguing the regions hotels on the top and bottom lines. The Asia Annual Hotel Performance Tracker 2020 includes:
  • Monthly revenue and profit analysis across five major cities: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok and Seoul
  • 2019 versus 2018 TRevPAR and GOPPAR year-over-year comparison
  • Revenue contribution analysis by department
  • Valuable estimates of what’s in store for 2020
Click here to access the full Hotstats report.

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