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Closing the Feature Gap with Nonius TV: Cloud vs. On-Premise

  • Nonius
  • 09.18.23
Nonius TV has been offering a Cloud version since 2022, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve now aligned the features to simplify your decision-making process between the two options: Cloud and On-Premise.

In the dynamic world of Interactive TV, Nonius has consistently innovated for the hospitality sector. Since launching our Cloud-based Nonius TV in 2022, we’ve harmonised its features with our On-premise solutions. Our exclusive cloud-based support for LG, Samsung, and Philips TVs is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in the IPTV solutions domain.

Cache Server: Powering Bandwidth Efficiency

Previously exclusive On-premise features are now available across both Cloud and On-premise choices. To optimise certain features, an on-premises cache is essential. We offer two solutions: dedicated hardware cache supplied by us or you can implement your own transparent cache server. Our system ensures all vital features remain up and running, even in the rare case of cache interruptions.


On-Premise: Our Continued Commitment

While our current Nonius TV solution emphasises a “cloud-first” and SaaS approach, we remain committed to supporting the on-premises hardware-based solutions that our clients trust and continue to choose. 

For those considering the cloud, we offer attractive incentives to facilitate a smooth transition.

Nonius offers hospitality technology solutions for Internet Access & Network management, IPTV & Headend, Casting, Digital Signage, Telephony/VOIP, Mobile Check-in and Digital Key, Tablet registration and signature & Marketing tools. With 11 subsidiaries in the EMEA and the Americas combined with an extensive service partners network, Nonius serves more than 330,000 hotel rooms worldwide. Nonius is a proud industry member of Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) and is certified according to ISO 9001.

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