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Flip.to Increases Guest Advocacy at The Shores Resort and Spa

  • Flip.to
  • 05.29.14
Since going live with Flip.to in March, The Shores Resort & Spa has turned 23 percent of their guests into brand advocates.

Along with an immediate surge in website traffic, the hotel earned a new booking on the very first day attributed to Flip.to.

"As an independent boutique resort, I can't think of a better brand ambassador than our guests," said David Rijos, general manager for The Shores. "And, as an operator, I can't think of a more effective channel to tap the power of social media than Flip.to. It is innovative and engaging and has clearly moved the needle for this property in both new bookings and prospective bookings though sign-ups and social connections."

The Shores was looking for a way to capture the guest experience at the resort in a way that could then be marketed to potential future guests. Flip.to allows hotels to easily curate short, positive quotes from guests for seamless integration on their homepage. The excitement in a real quote from a recent guest, who might have left just a few days prior, helps create a strong, trusted, personal brand connection with visitors to The Shores website. Flip.to then helps convert that connection into engagement and ultimately, an anonymous website visitor into a new guest.

"The Shores has seen strong numbers on multiple metrics with Flip.to. To start, 23 percent of their guests are spreading the word about their upcoming stay immediately at the time of booking. These advocates are a huge extension of their marketing force both pre-arrival and post-stay," said Debi Moses, senior director of sales for Flip.to. "And the conversion rate for anonymous website visitors interacting with the Flip.to homepage integration is well over 7 percent. Basically, The Shores is using the positive experience of past guests to convert future guests in a measurable way."

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