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GRACE is designed to give hotel guests the option of communicating with staff on their own digital channels via SMS and text messaging

  • Nevotek
  • 06.30.20
As traveling is starting again, guests expect more convenience and hygiene such as being able to communicate with their hotel anytime, spend less time in crowded lobbies in faceto face interactions and to able to make in room dining and service requests easily. Therefore, it becomes more important for hoteliers to connect with current, as well as previous and potential guests, differently and in a way that and improves engagements.

Nevotek, a world-wide cloud-based solution provider for hospitality market, has announced GRACE, an intelligent guest instant messaging platform that acts as the hotels’ virtual assistant. It offers more sanitized services and empowers hotel owners and operators to provide value-added guest services and improve the productivity of hotel staff teams.
Grace, guest messaging platform solution enables real-time text messaging to guests’ personal devices via SMS, WhatsApp and even Telegram, Line or WeChat, without them having to download another application. Grace easily interfaces with over 42 hotel’s Property Management Systems (PMS), to immediately recognize guests room numbers, while automatically responding to frequent guest questions and understanding guest moods and needs using the latest machine learning algorithms, opening the door to drive more revenue for the hotel.
Minimizing face-to-face interactions
Grace minimizes the need for face-to-face interaction between guests and staff while maintaining the feeling of personalized engagements as well as business efficiency. For example, guest experience can be enhanced by accelerating hotel check-ins and check-outs, room service orders and other concierge requests all through Grace’s platform!
“As hotels and guests pay much more attention to sanitary and convenience now and the risk associated with face-to-face interactions, we continue developing innovative solutions to address these concerns. The quality of guest service largely depends on the way hotel communicates across departments with guests. Grace is designed for secure, sanitized, smart and simple way of guest experience. Our aim is to help our customers improve their guest engagement through guests’ preferred communication channel” states Tankut Turhan, CEO of Nevotek. Emphasizing that GRACE platform is not a mobile app, Turhan adds: “We are excited to demonstrate how our solutions can help hotels for business recovery with their innovative features.”
Ground-breaking features of Grace:
  • 2-way guest communications – A guest can text something as short as “Extra pillow”. Grace will find the room number and name for the corresponding check-in record automatically. On the back end, the hotel staff received the request on a single screen, with the ability to associate the request to a team member.
  • Cloud based – Grace can be installed on the cloud or locally on the property and easily integrates with over 42 Property Management Systems worldwide.
  • Instant Messaging – The guests can send and receive messages with their preferred messaging application in real-time, without them having to download another app.
  • Faster respond – Relevant hotel admin can route messages to relevant staff members and generate internal follow-up cases without leaving the chat.
  • Multi-lingual – Supports over 10 major languages.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Grace enables auto-respond and forwarding with embedded chatbot.
  • Analytics – Hotel management can easily track performance, response time, guest satisfaction, requests types.
  • Seamless Integration with hotel operation systems like ALICE, HOTSOS and more..
For more info, please visit: nevotek.com/grace

Contact: sales@nevotek.com

Nevotek is the provider of value-added hospitality solutions with unparalleled service levels for over 20 years. Nevotek products are the "catalyst" between guest satisfaction and hospitality technologies. Products can be installed on-prem or cloud based and are deployed in more than 50 countries around the globe. Nevotek's secure interactive solutions and touchless mobility products are designed for global brand hotels, luxury resorts, casinos and cruise-liners to create exceptional personalized guest experiences. The company has just released and started deploying a unique mobility product "Softphone by NevoTouchless”.
For more information about Nevotek’s innovative solutions, visit: nevotek.com

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