GuestTek and UIEvolution Partner to Offer New Global In-Room Entertainment Solution For Hospitality

  • GuestTek™
  • 12.09.15
GuestTek and UIEvolution have announced a strategic partnership to offer a new global hospitality solution for in-room entertainment.

The new solution, which integrates the UIE ExperienceManager™ technology platform with GuestTek’s OneView Media (OMV) platform, will enable the hospitality industry to deliver an enhanced in-room brand experience to guests worldwide, helping to generate revenue, and at the same time, improve personalized guest experiences and satisfaction.

UIE ExperienceManager is a hospitality platform for in-room digital entertainment, services and signage. Its cloud-based technology enables hoteliers to connect with guests through a variety of high-impact experiences and campaigns encompassing personalized content, tailored ad messages and interactive features, while providing rich business intelligence and customer insights. UIE ExperienceManager has been deployed globally by enterprise customers in cruise, hotel and retail environments to elevate brand visibility and increase revenue opportunities.

OneView Media (OVM) extends guests’ living room to the hotel room through a full range of entertainment solutions, including free-to-guest programming, video-on-demand, DVR functionality and mobile connectivity that allows guests to access OVM through their personal devices and broadcast their own content to a hotel TV. OVM is used by hoteliers around the world to enhance their guests’ in-room entertainment experiences through the latest in premium programming and just-like-home functionality.

It provides hotel brands with a next generation in-room entertainment platform they can extend to guests across all of their global properties. Whether hoteliers are launching the solution as a new digital entertainment offering or expanding their current UIE deployment to new global locations, they can rely on UIEvolution’s design abilities and GuestTek’s technical expertise to deliver a unified, consistent brand experience with industry-leading features and business intelligence – enabling them to take control of the TV to drive increased ROI and guest retention.

“This collaboration means an enhanced product for our clients and ultimately the in-room experience of their guests, further maximizing a property’s offerings and creating brand consistency around the world,” said Arnon Levy, CEO and president of GuestTek. “We are excited to be working alongside UIEvolution now and in the future to offer these innovative, industry-leading solutions.”

“While UIEvolution has been able to offer premium in-room entertainment options to clients in the U.S. through our partnership with DIRECTV, we haven’t been able to seamlessly bridge that same experience to other countries,” said Chris Ruff, CEO and president of UIEvolution. “This partnership with GuestTek allows us to accentuate our global efforts by offering a truly unified, next generation in-room entertainment solution to our global clients.”

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