HotSOS Mobile Launched by Newmarket

  • Newmarket, an Amadeus company
  • 06.30.14
Newmarket® International, Inc. has announced the general availability of HotSOS Mobile for North America in English.

HotSOS Mobile is the next generation of H2GO. It empowers hospitality service teams to work in real-time with more flexibility and accountability, giving managers knowledge about operations in the palm of their hands. Utilizing a team-based approach, service orders are automatically directed into group buckets or backlogs. Staff members can be assigned to single or multiple teams so they only receive requests that pertain to their skill sets. HotSOS Mobile allows users to see their entire team backlog and complete assignments based on group decisions. Workload can be completed collectively, resulting in greater efficiency and individual accountability.

“The team backlog philosophy used in HotSOS Mobile has evolved from the Agile methodology in use by many of today’s leading companies,” said Luis Segredo, president of the MTech division of Newmarket. “HotSOS Mobile allows companies to better utilize the strengths and abilities of their individual employees, thereby reducing costs and increasing productivity.”

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