INNCOM by Honeywell to Provide MGM Resorts International with Reliable Large Scale Smart Networks

  • Honeywell
  • 07.30.15
MGM Resorts International is working with INNCOM® by Honeywell to develop and implement a scalable, multi-vendor corporate network platform for more than 20,000 guestrooms.

MGM Resorts International is acknowledged as a leader in adopting and deploying hotel guestroom technology. Its properties offer networked electronic locks for security, environmental controls for guest comfort, multiple entertainment options, refrigerated minibars for convenience, and other guest controls. But, MGM Resorts’ guests never see the robust network platform behind the scenes that powers the company’s tech leadership.

“MGM Resorts International recognized early on that it wanted to interconnect and communicate with each of its thousands of guest rooms to ensure guest safety, convenience and comfort. This required an intelligent device in each room linked to a total-property converged network platform to monitor in-room systems and collect environmental data,” said Kevin J. Fellows, director of enterprise architecture, media and guest technology for MGM. “The challenge for MGM Resorts was property size and the overall scale of its multi-property enterprise. Most of our hotels have more than 3,000 rooms. We evaluated several options and found that INNCOM was able to meet MGM Resorts’ large-property converged network requirements. INNCOM’s Deep Mesh Network wirelessly connects thousands of property door locks, thermostat controls, minibars and other systems with one highly reliable, intelligent communications platform.”

Fellows explained that INNCOM’s Deep Mesh Network is reliable for MGM Resorts’ large number of rooms and devices because of its built-in intelligence. “The network takes standard ZigBee technology to a new level," he said. "The Deep Mesh Network interconnects hundreds of wireless edge routers throughout each property to establish a redundant-process communication web. If a transmission from one room does not instantly reach our server, the network automatically retries through other router pathways.”
This multi-path broadcasting system design enables the Deep Mesh Network to create multiple data paths throughout the network. If one component drops out, the guestroom data packet still reaches MGM Resorts’ central collection point via INNCOM’s network. This also eliminates the need to use cable to connect in-room devices.

Fellows noted that MGM Resorts’ use of a single INNCOM network at each property helps to optimize guest service and promotes efficiency in maintenance costs. “The Deep Mesh Network monitors the health of each room’s guest-facing environmental devices,” said Fellows. “The INNCOM system gathers guestroom environmental device information and notifies property maintenance staff if there is a maintenance issue. This lets our engineers respond to possible maintenance issues often before guests notice them. If the problem is ongoing, we can take the room out of inventory so it can be made fully operational before another guest occupies it.”

The Deep Mesh Network at MGM Resorts’ properties communicates with multiple thermostats, third-party electronic door lock systems and minibars and still has room for more devices. “INNCOM’s ability to work with third-party tech providers simplifies our processes and enhances efficiency on infrastructure costs because we support only one network,” he said. “MGM Resorts established the INNCOM Deep Mesh Network as its preferred standard platform for in-room technology based on its reliability and ability to scale to our largest properties. The platform currently supports more than 20,000 rooms and we are adding more.”
MGM Resorts utilizes INNCOM in its MGM Grand Las Vegas, The Mirage, Delano, Bellagio; and at MGM Macau in China. INNCOM installation is now underway at MGM Resorts’ Mandalay Bay.

INNCOM securely sends environmental data securely to each property’s central system. “There are many point solutions that work for small properties; MGM Resorts’ requirement is larger, and secure communication from to and from our rooms is essential,” Fellows said. “INNCOM uses a secure topology designed by MGM Resorts connecting guest rooms with MGM Resorts’ central INNCOM systems. The systems monitor room environmental data messages and passes the communications across our guestroom network firewalls. Just as important, the Deep Mesh Network is scalable and easy to expand.”

MGM Resorts also utilizes INNCOM’s guestroom thermostats and energy management systems (EMS) in many properties. “INNCOM’s EMS balances energy efficiency with guest comfort,” Fellows said. “Each of our hotels is different and the INNCOM system allows each building to maintain a unique set of operational parameters. The systems calculate optimum energy conservation and guest comfort.”
The INNCOM thermostats are the communication hub in each guest room. They collect data from the door locks, minibars, and other systems and communicate with the edge routers within each property’s Deep Mesh Network.

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