Infor Announces Business Intelligence (BI) 10x

  • Infor Hospitality, EzRMS
  • 07.10.13
Infor has announced the Infor Business Intelligence (BI) 10x solution to provide customers with advanced analytics and planning capabilities, and a modern, self-service experience.

Infor BI 10x Invigorates Decision-making

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, announced Infor Business Intelligence (BI) 10x, to modernize data processing and enrich decision-making. The solution delivers advanced analytics and planning capabilities, self-service dashboards, and social collaboration for a more beautiful, modern, mobile, and social experience. At its core, Infor BI 10x is fused with innovative core technologies such as Infor ION and Infor Ming.le ™ to create an experience that surpasses the ordinary to maximize real-time visibility and cultivate business development.

Infor BI 10x builds upon market standards for interoperability through flexible integration with third-party applications and databases. Infor provides a self-service user experience for creating dashboards that are offered on mobile devices or within a web browser. Dashboard widgets provide in-memory intelligence to automatically connect related content with each other so the user can quickly see how performance in one area affects other results. Enhancements such as advanced analytics, and a new application engine, aid statistical analysis to allow users to forecast trends and choose a course of action. Advanced planning and forecasting capabilities allow the user to define future performance targets in addition to analyzing historical results. The solution leverages Infor ION, a lightweight middleware, to connect with the Infor ION Business Vault to provide information in real-time, in-context data, and deliver more reliable reporting that is not impacted by operational business application upgrades.

Core Functionality

  • Modern Experience – Through real-time data integration with the Infor ION Business Vault, users experience a revolutionized approach to how information is procured from enterprise applications resulting in reduced decision cycle times and easier data integration for analytics and reporting.  Detailed planning, predictive and statistical analysis capabilities help improve decision outcomes. Intuitive self-service alleviates reliance on IT for creating analytics and dashboards, putting the user at the center of the experience.
  • More Vivid, Striking Design – Infor BI 10x is spawned from the revolutionary aesthetic approach utilized throughout the Infor 10x platform to create a more meaningful experience. The newly unveiled, HTML-5 based SoHo user interface provides value beyond flexible dashboards by creating eye-popping data visualization. By reducing the surface complexity, users are granted a higher level of confidence when evaluating processes and executing business decisions.
  • Essential Mobile Capabilities – Infor BI 10x is built to breakdown obstacles and confirm business continuity, making mobility an essential aspect of the solution. Now users can access business information on a mobile device from virtually any location. The mobile dashboards deliver a level of service that is characteristic of the Infor product suite - pairing simple deployment with easy-to-use functionality to create a faster time-to-value.
  • Socially Collaborative – Collaboration is essential to maximizing the application of business intelligence. Infor BI 10x leverages Infor Ming.le ™ to amplify the speed and accuracy of the decision-making process to create a better flow of information. 

“Actionable insights are a critical asset for our customers, the need to collaborate within the enterprise and assess real-time analytics regardless of location or technology is fundamental to their success,” said Jan Gahde, senior product manager, Infor BI. “Infor BI 10x not only meets this need but moves above and beyond by pairing modern functionality with inherent beauty as a core competence.”


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