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InvoTech UHF-RFID Laundry System Launched by Systematic Laundry

  • InvoTech Systems, Inc.
  • 07.15.14
Systematic Laundry in Singapore has installed the InvoTech UHF-RFID Laundry System to efficiently manage resort laundry operations.

The InvoTech Laundry System streamlines and automates laundry operations, cuts labor costs and provides real-time information to lower operating expenses. Systematic Laundry processes up to 20,000 garments per day for Resorts World Sentosa and 50,000 garments per day for other hotel clients and international airlines.

“The savings are magnificent with the InvoTech UHF-RFID Laundry System,” said TP Chan, CEO of Systematic Laundry. “The system considerably reduced employee involvement. This is important to us since the cost of per-employee labor is high in Singapore. With the InvoTech System we can reallocate manpower to other processes within the laundry. This saves us money.”

The InvoTech Laundry System at Systematic Laundry interfaces with the InvoTech Uniform System at Systematic Laundry’s largest client, Resorts World Sentosa. The interface enables the UHF-RFID laundry tags in the Resort’s uniforms to automate operations at the properties and the laundry. The InvoTech systems also interface with the White Conveyors Mercury Sorting System and U-Pick-It System to automate uniform sorting at the laundry and the distribution of the uniforms at the resorts.

The InvoTech Laundry System eliminates many time- and labor-intensive tasks, such as separating and hand-counting uniforms and linens that ship into and out of the laundry. “InvoTech also automates recordkeeping by electronically reading and recording RFID tags attached to the uniforms and linens. Then it instantly tracks laundry activity, location, and billing per customer, which removes many manual errors,” Chan said.

“Systematic Laundry now serves its customers better than it could before,” said Chan. “Clients sometimes have questions that pertain to their order not being returned. Our operations team is now able to tell them quickly and precisely where the order stands, whether it be in rewash, repair or already delivered.”
The RFID readers validate where each customer’s order is at all times. This cuts labor costs and provides real-time information for continued cost-saving benefits. “InvoTech’s Laundry System even monitors the usage and aging of articles to maintain quality standards and forecast purchases for our clients,” Chan said.

“InvoTech’s UHF-RFID Laundry System enables laundries and related businesses to eliminate costs for unaccounted losses and reduce employee and laundry errors,” said Oswald Lares, director of sales for InvoTech Systems. “By reducing labor costs and removing the error-related expenses, operators often see a full ROI from our Laundry System in about one year.”

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