InvoTech UHF-RFID Uniform System Installed at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort

  • InvoTech Systems, Inc.
  • 05.01.14
Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort has implemented InvoTech's UHF-RFID Uniform Management System to automate uniform tracking, accounting and reporting for 20,000 newly designed uniforms.

Soaring Eagle also installed InvoTech in the property's uniform distribution center to establish 100 percent accountability and reduce replacement expenses. The InvoTech Uniform System interfaces with the White Conveyors U-Pick-It System to automatically deliver uniforms to staff.

"We recently fitted our staff of 3,500 with new uniforms that match the property's d├ęcor," said Heidi L. Smith, uniform manager for Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. "We installed the InvoTech system to protect our investment. In the past each department handled its own uniforms. We expect substantial savings with InvoTech's automated, central uniform control. The system will reduce replacement costs by tracking each article and assigning specific uniforms to staff members. It will also help us operate more efficiently."

"Properties that implement InvoTech's UHF-RFID Uniform, Linen, and Laundry systems report a complete ROI payback in about one year," said Oswald Lares, director of sales for InvoTech Systems. "The Uniform System eliminates 100 percent of unaccounted losses associated with employees and daily laundry activity. InvoTech automates recordkeeping to eliminate overcharges from outside laundries. The system also cuts annual purchases five percent or more and reduces laundry expenses three to five percent and delivers up to 20 percent greater labor productivity."

"Waterproof UHF-RFID tags were attached to each uniform," said Smith. "Our lead vendor did this before the uniforms were delivered to simplify the uniform management process. The pre-tagged uniforms were assigned to each staff member in the InvoTech system to track accountability and transfer responsibility. I anticipate the secure, verifiable accountability will save us a great deal."

Smith explained Soaring Eagle is located in a college town and has many students on staff. "Many of our students are family members with the same last name. InvoTech quickly identifies which family member has each uniform to eliminate the possibility of confusion. If one changes a job assignment or brings us a damaged garment, we can track accountability and inventory in real time."

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