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KNOWCROSS Selected as a Qualified Vendor for Choice Hotels

  • Knowcross Inc.
  • 02.12.20
KNOWCROSS, a global leader in providing service quality and optimization solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a Qualified Vendor for Choice Hotels International, Inc., one of the world's leading lodging franchisors. The Knowcross software solutions platform is designed to help the company’s franchised hotels maximize efficiency, increase productivity and elevate the guest experience.

The Knowcross platform consists of software solutions that help hotels re-imagine and redefine hospitality by helping them deliver a unified hotel experience fostering improved guest service and guest loyalty, and bridging departments across the hotel. The platform helps hotels reduce guest service time, streamline daily housekeeping activities, increase staff productivity, minimize delays and wrong deliveries, identify trends and analyze performances automatically.
Knowcross applications assist hotels to capture, track, investigate and effectively close service issues that have inconvenienced the guests, and track indicators such as compensation costs and help improve guest satisfaction and social media ratings. Also, by automating manual processes like daily task-sheet creation, the housekeeping module not only enables the staff to turn rooms faster, but also reduces the dependence on paper, ultimately leading to a massive reduction in the hotel’s carbon footprint. 
"At Knowcross, we pride ourselves in providing and leveraging latest technologies that help hotels deliver top notch guest service and experiences repeatedly. Being selected as a Qualified Vendor by Choice Hotels is both a big honor as well as a great opportunity for us to help more and more hotels achieve operational excellence and consistently raise the bar of their service delivery quality: remarked Karen O’Neill, president of the Americas at Knowcross.

Founded in 2002, Knowcross a global leader in hotel operations optimization software, developing proven service quality management solutions to help maximize efficiency, productivity and elevate guest service - with a direct impact on increasing the bottom‐line.

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