MSI releases CloudEnterprise

  • Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI)
  • 12.01.16
MSI Solutions is pleased to announce the release of CloudEnterprise, a robust multi-property reporting engine powered by MSI’s TruCloud platform.

Management companies and hotel groups rely on timely, accurate, and actionable business intelligence to make strategic, informed decisions. CloudEnterprise streamlines this process by eliminating the cost and complexity of manual data aggregation. By automating the delivery of analytics tailored to the needs of your business, managers can spend more time making critical business decisions to drive revenue and growth and less time manually benchmarking market trends and performance forecasts.
Jake Lewis, MSI Solutions Vice President of Development and Cloud Services, says “The TruCloud platform gives us the ability to do a number of things that were difficult and expensive for hotels to deploy and maintain in the past. One of these things is the MSI CloudEnterprise solution, which grants our users access to critical operational data in a consolidated format to instantly see how all their hotels are performing. From a smaller operator with two or three properties to a chain with hundreds of properties, they have access to data they need to make informed decisions on how to grow their business.”
Mark Loyd, MSI Solutions President, adds “At MSI we are focused on developing and delivering functionality that the market is looking for and a true enterprise-level reporting engine was the next logical step.”
CloudEnterprise is capable of consolidating data from multiple properties into a single report, configuring data analytics for all of your properties, exporting data formatted for Excel analytical tools, and automated email of reports to key stakeholders.

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