Maestro PMS Two-Way Expedia QuickConnect Interface Used by Independent Operators

  • Maestro PMS
  • 08.27.14
Many independent operators are using Maestro PMS two-way Expedia QuickConnect interface to eliminate manual reservation re-keying, maintain accurate real-time inventory updates and provide optimized rates to all online channels.

“Expedia is a large booker for us,” said Brendan Stonestreet, guest services and revenue manager of Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier in Vancouver, B.C. “We use the Maestro property management system (PMS) for front desk processes and rate optimization. With our Maestro Expedia QuickConnect two-way interface we automatically sync our optimized rates and availability with all our online channels in real time. It saves our front desk/reservation team many hours of manual input time.”
Stonestreet said manual staff updates to online channels was time consuming and open to human error. “We have a seamless Expedia integration with our Maestro PMS. The QuickConnect 2-way interface eliminates keystroke errors our team experienced when inputting multiple pages of new reservations and adjusting our availability and rates online.”

NORTHWIND is the provider of Maestro™ Enterprise Property Management hotel software and reservation software solutions for independent hotels, resorts and multi-property groups.

The two-way Expedia interface with Maestro also updates PMS availability when a reserved guest cancels in Expedia. “Our online rates are continuously updated to maximize revenue and our inventory is synced in both systems so we are confident of our room sales. An added benefit of the QuickConnect interface is that we reduced our overall booking costs by reducing the number of third-party online reservation channels. We can ask the NORTHWIND support team if we have questions. Maestro’s support is the best I have dealt with from any technology company. They are North America-based and usually answer our questions quickly.”

Banff Lodging Company operates 10 hotel properties in Banff, Alberta, Canada. All use the Maestro Multi-Property PMS, 7 with the Expedia QuickConnect interface. “Last year we booked about 10 percent of total company reservations through Expedia, which totals thousands of reservations," said Hollie Eckert, yield and revenue manager at Banff Lodging Company. "Our bookings have increased this year and Maestro’s Expedia interface has been a big help. Our reservations assistant manager estimates that the interface saves us four hours a day in data entry. This time savings allows our agents to spend more time on the phone and provide a more personalized guest experience.”

“Reservations are booked in minutes," said Eckert. "In the past we had to wait for an email and then have one of our agents input the booking. This created the potential for a guest to call before their reservation was in our system.  With the Expedia interface, incoming reservations are 100 percent correct with dates and pricing without the possibility of human error.”

“Online reservation channels are an increasingly important booking source. The Maestro Expedia QuickConnect two-way interface simplifies online channel management, lowers overall online booking costs and provides greater rate control that increases revenue,” said Warren Dehan, president of NORTHWIND-Maestro PMS. “This gives independents the ability to manage availability and rates precisely in Expedia to maximize revenue from their bookings.

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