Merchant Link Announces Alliance with Tender Retail

  • Merchant Link
  • 01.14.14
Merchant Link and Tender Retail join forces to remove cardholder data from integrated point-of-sales systems.

The companies will jointly offer a secure payment acceptance solution for integrated point-of-sale systems (IPOS). The joint offering eliminates card data from touching a merchant’s IPOS or back office systems, and simplifies the EMV certification process for IPOS vendors.
The combined solution facilitates acceptance of new forms of electronic payment without costly changes to the IPOS and interacts with EMV capable customer facing devices to prompt the consumer, request funds, manage error conditions and deliver completed transactions back to the IPOS. Transactions are encrypted at swipe to prevent malware from skimming cardholder data in-flight, and tokenized using format preserving tokens, which allows merchants to continue to perform cardholder analytics on purchase data.  With remote terminal management capabilities, the move to EMV can be dramatically simplified. 

“Combining Tender Retail’s in-store capabilities in driving customer facing terminals with our suite of cloud-based security services, we are able to remove the complexity and liability of electronic payment acceptance from our merchant and VAR partners," said Geoff Krieg, Merchant Link’s vice president of product.  "Our combined solution saves time and money for merchants and eliminates the need for a PA-DSS assessment for the IPOS. No credit card data is ever passed to the integrated point-of-sale, either in the clear or encrypted. Tender Retail has a strong reputation and trust in the North American market and their product offerings are truly complimentary to those of Merchant Link’s."

“Together, Merchant Link’s TransactionVault® and TransactionShield® products, and the Tender Retail suite of electronic payment solutions combine to provide multiple layers of protection for merchants by never introducing any sensitive cardholder data to the POS environment," saod Joey Vacarro, Tender Retail’s vice president of business development and strategic alliances. "As more and more merchants struggle to strengthen security and to block hackers from gaining sensitive data, the focus on security has garnered much attention and traction. Working with Merchant Link to provide a comprehensive security solution makes total sense.”

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