Mickey Mahoney joins RoamBOOST as VP of Engineering and Operations

  • RoamBOOST
  • 12.19.16
RoamBOOST, a scalable Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solution for hotels, recently hired Mickey Mahoney to serve as Vice President of Engineering and Operations.

Mahoney brings more than 22 years of telecommunications experience to the company, including a strong background in DAS and WiFi deployments.

“Mickey’s background in network engineering – including the design, performance, construction and installation of DAS networks – is exactly what RoamBOOST needed to take us and our customers into the future,” said Pam Angelucci, RoamBOOST senior vice president of operations. “Mickey knows his stuff; as technology advanced from analog through LTE Advanced, his knowledge base advanced right along with it. Mickey’s engineering background – which began in the U.S. Navy – will help shape our processes as we move toward carrier-grade networks. On behalf of the entire RoamBOOST team, we are lucky to have him aboard.”

RoamBOOST DAS uses a network of bi-directional antennas that are placed strategically inside a hotel (in corridors, common areas and meeting spaces) or outdoor across recreational areas (such as pool, golf courses, tennis courts, etc.) to address signal strength issues – or lack of a signal altogether. The system proactively removes any obstacles that could potentially interfere with 3G mobile calls or 4G data transactions. In this passive DAS environment, the system works by taking an existing mobile signal and amplifying it throughout problem areas of a hotel. The solution can target specific areas as small as 5,000 square feet up to entire multi-site, multi-story properties. For larger installations, RoamBOOST would work in an Active DAS environment, which connects the building directly to the carriers’ signal source.

“Hoteliers are tasked with balancing customer expectations (what guests think they’ll experience during their stay) with customer satisfaction (what guests actually experience – or don’t experience – during their stay),” Mahoney said. “Much of the outcome stems from the quality of the hotel’s network. Hotels must weigh the cost to install and maintain a network against giving guests the experience they anticipate or demand. RoamBOOST is a cost effective way to deliver on those expectations; we design and install carrier-approved equipment at a cost-beneficial model that makes owners and guests happy.”

Prior to joining RoamBOOST Mahoney had an established relationship with the RoamBOOST team. He said he was intrigued by their DAS model and by the way they proactively work with customers. At the present time, he is analyzing RoamBOOST processes to determine if changes are necessary and how to best implement those changes while maintaining progress on existing projects. In the long term, Mahoney is focused on ensuring that RoamBOOST is the only option for hoteliers and network operators for DAS delivery. 

“At RoamBOOST, we are all very much part of the same team, and we share that team-centered approach with our customers,” Mahoney said. “Together we will reach our objectives of making RoamBOOST the No. 1 choice for hotels nationwide.”
For more information about the RoamBOOST, call (978) 777-8787 Ext. 303 or email info@RoamBOOST.com.

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