Motor City's Group 10 Management Puts Guest Security First with dormakaba USA Inc Door Locks

  • dormakaba USA Inc
  • 09.27.16
Group 10 has selected dormakaba USA Inc's Saflok and ILCO guest door locks to ensure security at its properties.

A reliable, secure guestroom door key and lock system is essential to smooth hotel operations. Owner operator Group 10 Management, based just outside Detroit, understands this. Group 10 has 30+ years of hotel experience with some of the largest brands. “Guest security and hotel operations are dependent on door lock operations,” said Frank Altawil, area manager for Group 10. “We are a family business. When we sell a room we are welcoming that guest into our property and we want them to be secure. We trust Saflok and ILCO electronic door locks from dormakaba USA Inc to handle this.”

Group 10 operates 11 properties in Michigan. “Detroit has its big three. So does the hotel business. We like Hilton, Marriott and IHG brands in our portfolio,” Altawil said. “The last three new properties we opened had dormakaba USA Inc’s Saflok RFID locks.” Almost all Group 10’s properties have dormakaba USA Inclocks.  “We will begin renovation on a Baymont Suites in 4Q and we expect to install Saflok mobile access in that property.” Group 10 has Saflok Quantum electronic door locks in its new-builds. Its Marriott and Hilton properties have Saflok MT RFID units.

“From contract negotiations to the installation and service teams, our experience with dormakaba USA Inc over the years has been great,” said Altawil. “dormakaba USA Inc’s people are there for us when we need them. We research the lock options and compare price and service when we have a new project. dormakaba USA Inc is always competitive and we know it delivers first class service. For us it is the way to go because dormakaba USA Inc’s people and products are the best. If I have a problem, I always get fast service.”

Altawil has a story about the time Group 10 installed another company’s electronic door lock system to honor a franchise agreement. “We had problems with the other electronic door lock system. When that company could not fix its problem, I called my dormakaba USA Increp for help. They fixed the problem even though it was not their product. Business is about business relationships and dormakaba USA Inc and its people have always been ready to help. I know I can count on my rep and the company’s support team.”

dormakaba USA Incunderstands the hotel industry and the importance of electronic guest door locks. “We purchased a property several years ago that had old locks that were completely unreliable. We called dormakaba USA Inc and they retrofitted the property in 30 days to keep us in business,” Altawil said. “Group 10 Management has used dormakaba USA Inc’s locks for many years. Its people and products are the best.”

dormakaba USA Inc’s Saflok and ILCO BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) mobile access lock solutions may be seamlessly integrated with brand loyalty apps and chain technology infrastructures. Cloud-based Kaba mobile access solutions enable guests to open their room doors with their own BLE mobile phone or device, including the new Apple Watch, as a flexible alternative to a classic RFID keycard. Most Kaba RFID locks manufactured today are compatible with BLE, IOS and Android mobile technology.   

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