NAVIS Reach Generates Revenue for Resort and Vacation Rental Companies

  • 10.02.14
NAVIS Reach has delivered significant revenue and open rates in new reservations while tracking exact ROI on each campaign and promotion.

“We used NAVIS Reach for 71 days and generated $329,000 in new bookings,” said Craig Batley, owner of Burr White, a vacation rental company in Newport Beach, Calif. 
Another NAVIS client, TradeWinds Island Resorts in Florida, uses NAVIS 360 CRM and Reach messaging technology to make guests feel special before they arrive. Chris Serfustini, TradeWinds’ electronic marketing manager, said, “NAVIS Reach email campaigns generated more than $2 million for TradeWinds through July 2014 with an open rate of 22 percent. Our resort’s revenue proves that guests respond well to personalized messaging.”

NAVIS Reach is an easy-to-use CRM marketing tool that increases revenue for lodging operators. Reach mines and combines guest, and prospective-guest data from separate system databases to create targeted, narrowly segmented marketing lists. These effective lists include household personas that combine attributes, behaviors and preferences, all customizable. Multiple contacts living at the same address can be put into one household for consistent messaging. Reach uses the data to design, create and execute highly effective, targeted email campaigns and track campaign results in real time.

 "NAVIS Reach has already paid for itself," said Craig Batley at Burr White. "We are on track to make $500,000 to $1 million in new revenue the first year. We use Reach to contact people who have paid and stayed as well as those who have only inquired. We ran 16 campaigns in August and September. Most of our $300,000 plus in new bookings would not have been generated without NAVIS Reach. We have a 25 percent click-through rate with Reach emails. This made significant revenue for our company.”

“TradeWinds implemented NAVIS Reach in early 2014. Reach email campaigns generated more than $2 million since then. It provides everything I asked for in an automated email marketing and tracking system,” said Serfustini. “The system automates all the tasks for our campaigns. We aggregate contact leads from different data sources like our PMS and lists from the chamber of commerce. We use NAVIS Reach to send the first-touch message without an offer to people who have not stayed before. If they open the message for more information, the system automates a follow-up message with a targeted offer.”
Once a week TradeWinds uses Reach to send automatic emails to people who have not booked in the seven days since it first contacted them. Serfustini said, "Seven days is the best time to follow up, and guests value our attention; Reach automates this process. The open rate for Reach emails has increased 25 percent over the normal e-blast process. Conversion increased 20 percent."

Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth, Mich., a four-season family vacation destination; installed NAVIS Reach in August 2014. “The system integrates the property management systems’ databases for our hotels and waterpark – Zehnder's Splash Village. NAVIS Reach is very effective and gives us an ROI on each of our email blast promotions. We could not measure how well our email promotions are doing without it,” said Terri McNutt, Zehnder’s assistant IT director. “We use NAVIS Reach to build custom emails with links that request specific action. It has been very successful for our company.”

"The Reach multi-database CRM solution is a guest-centric messaging and marketing system that drives more demand," said Michelle Marquis NCP, NAVIS vice president marketing & strategic initiatives. "Reach reveals how guests want to be communicated with and viewed by a property operator. People value promotions that speak to their interests and respect their time.” Marquis noted that each guest has his or her own unique booking decision process. “The hospitality business is not about technology, it is about people. If you recognize your clients as people with unique interests – not as prospects – they respond. NAVIS Reach proves this at the bottom line."

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