NORTHWIND Announces RevGen Suite for Independent Operators

  • Maestro PMS
  • 08.28.13
NORTHWIND has announced the launch of its business intelligence, yield management and e-marketing tools for independent operators, RevGen Suite.

NORTHWIND Launches Maestro PMS RevGen Suite for Independents

NORTHWIND, provider of Maestro™ Enterprise Property Management announced its groundbreaking RevGen Suite. Maestro’s RevGen gives independent operators a unified set of Business Intelligence (BI), Yield Management, and e-Marketing tools that enable them to be more successful. NORTHWIND-Maestro PMS provides hotel software and reservation software solutions for the industry’s leading independent hotel, resort, and multi-property groups.

“Our new RevGen Suite is a powerful toolset that increases profitability for independent operators,” said Warren Dehan, President of NORTHWIND-Maestro PMS. “It combines the wealth of BI data from Maestro’s Big Picture Data Management Dashboards with our Smart e-Messaging, Dynamic Yield Management, ResWave2 Booking Engine, and our new WebPRO Pre-Registration Online. The result is an intelligent ‘total platform’ revenue optimization, direct web booking, and guest communication system that increases marketing ROI and guest engagement.”  

Big Picture Data - Mobile Management Dashboards

Maestro’s new Big Picture Data Management Dashboards merge mobile technology with business intelligence (BI) and data visualization to empower operators and managers to run their businesses as profitably as possible anytime, anywhere. With over 17 pre-configured views, the aggregated data from all sources gives hoteliers graphic, mobile-optimized data views to make business decisions and market to their guests based on real information. For example, operators see real-time revenue performance by market segment, geographic region, rate packages, RevPAR by day of the week, season, reservation source, and a virtually unlimited combination of data. NORTHWIND provides multi-property companies the same capability with its Corporate Export Module that aggregates data from multiple Maestro modules and third party systems into one readily-accessible data mart.

Smart eMessaging – Pre- and Post-Stay Guest Engagement

Maestro’s Smart eMessaging increases profits and guest retention by offering guests add-on amenities and upgrades that enhance their stay with revenue-generating activities or special promos. Maestro’s proactive eMessaging communicates with guests before they arrive, while on-property, and after departure. Integrated text and email messaging tools manage guest communications and enable independents to automate targeted, relevant, mobile-optimized emails to their guest database. Messages may be customized by rate-code, guest-type, season, and room. Post departure communications may include ‘thank you’ offers, special next-stay deals or date recognition communications that create loyalty.

Dynamic Yield Management Specific to Channel

The newly enhanced Dynamic Yield Management optimizes revenue with precise rate setting criteria for guests and groups, offering dynamic yield strategies specific to each channel. It proactively deploys pre-configured strategies based on yielding rules that maximize revenue specific to booking channel, market segment or rate tiers.

“Maestro Yield Management continuously maximizes ADR and revenue for leisure guests and groups,” said Amanda Gehlmeyer, Revenue and Reservations Manager for Castle Hill Inn. “We optimize rates based on holidays, compset rates, minimum stays, and we manage rates by room types and categories. Maestro Yield is a 2-way system that lets us automatically enforce minimum stays and rates on our online channels. When our online channels sell rooms, it informs both our Yield system and our inventory so rate optimization is dynamic and we can trust our availability.” 

ResWave2 Shifts Bookings to Hotel Website, Mobile and Social

ResWave2 enables independents to drive direct bookings for lower costs and increases profitability with added group, upsell, social media and mobile features. As a gateway to reservations from all channels, operators can offer unlimited custom enhancements on their website so guests can self-select 24/7 to increase incremental booking revenue and personalize their stay. ResWave2 works with Smart eMessaging to send pre-arrival communications that coincide with guest preferences and promote room upgrades, amenities, theatre tickets, tee-times, and dining options. With its complete online group management including Sales & Catering meeting space inquiries, independents using ResWave2 confidently compete with chains for profitable group business.

Maestro WebPRO Pre-Registration Online

Even if guests book from other channels, operators can use Maestro Pre-Registration Online as a guest engagement touch point and stimulate ancillary spend to increase revenue. Guests can provide the hotel with valuable information such as preferences and arrival times. Guests appreciate the convenience of a speedy check in and welcome the personal touch.

For a demo of the Maestro Property Management Suite featuring the ResWave Booking Engine, please contact NORTHWIND at 1.888.667.8488 or email

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