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New SiteMinder Study: Google, TripAdvisor and Brand.com Equally Important to Driving Direct Hotel Bookings

  • SiteMinder
  • 04.26.18
Hoteliers deem Google, TripAdvisor and their own Brand.com website as equally successful to driving direct bookings, according to a new report from SiteMinder, a leading cloud platform for the global hotel industry.

The finding is one of many in SiteMinder’s Global Hotel Business Index 2018: What are the key drivers on a hotelier’s path to success?, which surveyed more than 550 hoteliers from both independent hotels and hotel groups around the world on their key focuses and expected drivers of success for the upcoming year.
According to the research, Google, TripAdvisor and hotel websites are considered to be the three most equally-effective ways to drive direct bookings in 2018, surpassing social media advertising and online travel agencies (via the Billboard Effect process).
“Clearly, very high value is placed on Google, TripAdvisor, and Brand.com websites to deliver bookings. They provide a powerful three-pronged attack that is clearly dominant,” reads SiteMinder’s analysis.
“There seemed to be a distinction in the way social media is used, with the results indicating it is a strong engagement tool but not necessarily a strong performer when it comes to delivering direct bookings.”
The full report is available to be downloaded here.

For more information, visit www.siteminder.com.

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