Pinnacle Hotel Management Implements Aptech's Targetvue

  • Aptech Computer Systems, Inc.
  • 12.02.14
Aptech Computer Systems has announced that Pinnacle Hotel Management has implemented its Targetvue budgeting and forecasting solution for 26 Marriott, Hilton and independent properties.

Targetvue is a hospitality-driven enterprise system that enables operators to easily compare plans with performance on a daily basis. Properties can build and implement more flexible plans to achieve business goals. Aptech is one of the leading providers of hospitality software for business intelligence, budgeting and enterprise financial accounting.
"We installed Targetvue to easily let us create accurate budgets and forecasts and for analysis," said Felicia Matula, CFO for Pinnacle Hotel Management. "Targetvue automatically downloads general ledger data into our budget and forecast analysis. It accommodates on the books data reporting on a daily basis." Matula noted that Pinnacle previously used Excel spreadsheet budgets that were difficult to build and maintain. "Our formulas are locked in Targetvue. Each property manager has his or her input screen where they can monitor budgets for their hotels.

Aptech hosts Pinnacle's Targetvue system from its secure network facility. "When it is fully installed, Targetvue will track the status of each Pinnacle property's contribution to the plan in real time," said Jill Wilder, Aptech vice president. "Our system will provide managers with a single combined view of an entire asset portfolio and where each property stands in comparison to plan."

"Pinnacle also uses Aptech's Profitvue® enterprise back office accounting system to centralize financial reporting for all its properties," said Matula. "Profitvue is hosted centrally and its daily financials inform Targetvue's real-time consolidation and rollups. It eliminates the need to aggregate and combine multiple spreadsheets for consolidated reports. Aptech is an experienced technology partner that understands Pinnacle's business goals and works with us to achieve them."

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