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Plug-n-Play IoT and Mobile Technology to Enhance the Guest Experience and Drive Efficiency

  • Nonius
  • 07.20.21
A modular solution that can be easily deployed to control the unlocking of room/elevator doors, lighting, temperature, TV, and curtains. All of the control is done without ever having to touch anything other than the mobile phone.

The new health and safety paradigm required companies to review their priorities. Technological features that were intended to be introduced as a novelty are suddenly becoming a necessity. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to respond to the ever-changing needs of hospitality, profoundly changing the way hotels engage with guests and automate their processes.

Even before the pandemic, back in 2019, 53% of hoteliers indicated having plans to implement IoT technology and another 33% had plans to do so over the next couple of years according to PwC. With this in mind, In April 2020 Nonius re-focused its R&D capability in enhancing all product lines and solutions to create a smarter and safer health-oriented journey. 

All products evolved to produce a safer and contactless journey but the main investment was dedicated to the Mobile platform and the Integration Hub. With this investment, we  transformed our products and empowered the hotel industry to pursue a digital


It feels high-tech, safe and practical

Our hotel App solution allows your guests to control the room environment – temperature, lighting, curtains and more – through integrations with leading room control vendors.

The ideal temperature with a single touch

Guests can easily control the room temperature, without using the hotel’s controls or requesting assistance from the staff.

  • Setting the perfect temperature

  • Choose mode according to their preference: auto, cold, heat and eco

  • Set the fan speed to meet the desired temperature quickly

  • Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit for their convenience


The perfect environment for every moment

Setting the proper mood for the right occasion is a differentiating factor. Ambiences offer this to guests by controlling multiple lights along with blinds and curtains. 

By combining multiple actuators it is possible to create scenarios, like:

  • Relax: dimmed lights, curtains halfway through

  • Night: lights off, curtains and blinds closed

  • Morning: lights off, curtains and blinds fully open

  • Comprehensive control of lighting

    • Besides controlling ambiences, guests can control individual lighting groups or a single light.

  • Curtains

  • One click to not be disturbed


TV control with great design and usability

Guest can also control the TV entertainment systems including TV Channels and Video on Demand.

Seamless integration with Nonius TV systems, open API and soft development services available to integrate with 3rd party 

Nonius offers hospitality technology solutions for Internet Access & Network management, IPTV & Headend, Casting,
Digital Signage, Telephony/VOIP, Mobile Check-in and Digital Key, Tablet registration and signature & Marketing tools.
With 11 subsidiaries in the EMEA and the Americas combined with an extensive service partners network, Nonius serves
more than 330,000 hotel rooms worldwide. Nonius is a proud industry member of Hospitality Technology Next
Generation (HTNG) and is certified according to ISO 9001.

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