Remington Leads The Hotel Industry by Using Data Analytics to Improve Profits

  • Hotel Effectiveness
  • 10.10.19
Remington, a leading hotel management company, has a long-established reputation for delivering above-market performance and quality within the hospitality industry. Its 51-year history of operational excellence is marked by a desire for innovation and technology-enabled process improvement. At the recent Hotel Data Conference in Nashville, Ben Vega, Remington’s senior vice president of analytics and optimization, demonstrated an approach to increasing operating profits by using advanced analytics combined with the Hotel Effectiveness labor management system.

“Hotels have been using data for revenue management for decades. More recently, it has become common to use customer data for direct marketing and sales efforts. Very few hotels have taken advantage of their own labor and productivity data to tackle their biggest (and fastest-growing) cost - labor,” said Vega. “We have identified significant improvement opportunities, which are driving increased profit margins even as wages continue to rise.”
Hotel Effectiveness provides a labor management system that combines a hotel’s operational forecast with property-specific productivity standards to eliminate overstaffing and optimize overtime and contractor usage through an easy-to-use scheduling interface. On its own, the Hotel Effectiveness solution has been shown to deliver 5 percent to 15 percent labor cost savings. Remington uses the real-time data from Hotel Effectiveness to identify trends and productivity enhancements to deliver an even greater impact to gross operating profit.
“Unlocking operational data for profit improvement is the next frontier for smart hoteliers,” said Del Ross, chief revenue officer for Hotel Effectiveness. “Remington is better prepared to handle tough market conditions than most other management companies in the U.S.”

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