RoamBoost Cellular Signal Enhancement and First Responder Solutions to be Launched at COMO Hotels

  • RoamingAround, LLC
  • 02.25.14
COMO Hotels and Resorts has integrated RoamingAround's RoamBoost Cellular Signal Enhancement and RoamBoost First Responder at its first U.S. property in Miami.

Using a Distributive Antenna System (DAS), RoamBoost enhances in-building cellular coverage for all mobile carriers and radio signal coverage for first-responder transceivers.

"RoamingAround and its RoamBoost solution came highly recommended," said Elton Hazel, IT Manager for COMO Hotels & Resorts. "With most buildings in Miami beach facing the water, signal interference is an ongoing concern. From the moment RoamBoost was installed, our construction and installation teams had no problems with cell reception. No matter where guests or staff will be on property, they can easily place and receive mobile calls. Simultaneously, we implemented a first-responder solution, something the City of Miami Beach requires to support its emergency teams. RoamBoost First Responder will protect our guests, staff and the hotel asset in case of a crisis, as emergency crews need to communicate within the building, while RoamBoost Cellular Signal Enhancement will shield the Metropolitan by COMO from guest complaints."

RoamBoost is designed to defeat complex challenges that hotels face today by enhancing the local geography’s coverage inside the building. The solution uses a network of DAS nodes that are placed strategically throughout the building to address signal strength issues in corridors, common areas and meeting spaces. With the dual solution in place at Metropolitan by COMO, RoamBoost is proactively removing any obstacles that could potentially interfere with mobile calls, data transactions and radio communications for first responders.
"Public safety personnel and first responders such as police, fire and EMS teams, rely on their radio transceivers to effectively fulfill their duties and ensure the safety of the public and themselves," said Ali Farahani Rad, director of strategy and business development for RoamingAround. "However, radio signals that are transmitted and easily accessible outside of buildings are often prevented from entering and propagating indoors due to building materials that block or weaken them. This creates a significant threat to the ability of first responders to communicate effectively with each other and, therefore, the effective fulfillment of their challenging duty."

"RoamBoost First Responder uses a DAS network to make certain that the existing radio signals that are present outside of the buildings are brought in and propagated seamlessly throughout the building even in the case of a fire so that first responders can continue to serve and save lives," he said. "Today, some states and municipalities are making first-responder systems a requirement in buildings and this trend will only grow, so there is no time like the present to invest in this technology. With a strong presence in the hospitality sector and as an expert in mobile technology, RoamingAround is the ideal company to implement both cellular-enhancement and first-responder solutions for hotels of any size, in any market."

"We are delighted that RoamingAround could participate in the debut of COMO Hotel's first U.S. hotel," said Michael Garvin, RoamingAround president. "Any time that hotels are updating their infrastructures and networks is a good time to implement RoamBoost to proactively protect against cell signal issues and to upgrade the property to meet impending first-responder protocols. We look forward to Metropolitan by COMO's success and working with COMO Hotels again in the future."

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