RoamingAround Introduces Event Engagement Tool

  • RoamingAround, LLC
  • 05.27.14
At HITEC, RoamingAround will unveil a new mobile Event Engagement tool for tradeshows that will replace the need for badge scanning and hand-written notes to streamline lead generation and deliver a more engaging customer experience.

Event Engagement by RoamingAround enables exhibitors to easily look up details about pre-registered attendees and then notify territory managers in real time of all action happening at the booth. This not only streamlines the follow-up process of trying to decipher notes and correlating badge scanning print outs, but it enables event planners to easily run reports and measure campaign success.

"If you're in the sales field in hospitality, chances are you've done a lot of tradeshows," said Michael Garvin, RoamingAround president. "No matter what show you go to, exhibitors are typically sold a badge reader to identify who is visiting the booth. While that information is important to know, it doesn't facilitate customer interaction; often hoteliers just come into the booth and ask if booth staff wants to scan their badge, then they take a giveaway item and leave. RoamingAround wanted to create a much better experience for tradeshow attendees. Investing in tradeshows is expensive, and when visitors come to a booth, they should have the incentive to really learn what each exhibit is all about. Unfortunately, no mobile system existed that captured information and enhanced the booth visitor experience."

"Leveraging mobile technology, we designed an Event Engagement tool that could quickly identify who was walking into a booth so that the exhibitor could provide detailed information," said Garvin. "Each exhibitor would love to know whether or not the person approaching the booth is a new or existing client, how much money they spend with the company, and have the opportunity to access contact info, property codes and brand association data. We also wanted to provide an ability to take notes. Once armed with this information, exhibitors could share it in real time with territory managers so they can follow up in hours with the client. Finally, we wanted to provide the ability to export data for report consolidation to rank tradeshow success. In the future, this data can then be used for pre- and post-show marketing and to share leads with sales people in the field."

Event Engagement by RoamingAround enables exhibitors to:
  • Reduce the amount of printed collateral at the booth and costs associated with printing
  • Edit, delete or add products digitally
  • Eliminate outdated materials
  • Reduce shipping and handling charges incurred at the each show
  • Offer more options for customers to review offerings
  • Improve the customer experience with interactive touch capabilities
  • Incorporate educational content based on the audience
  • Provide an immediate receipt of deliverables
  • Edit, delete or add data fields for proper information collection
  • Time management eliminating deciphering notes & data entry
  • Real-time reporting of lead generation
  • Automatic deliverables to sales manager(s)
  • Ability to use in other environments other than trade shows, including showroom

"Oftentimes companies providing products to hoteliers have a vast portfolio of diverse hotel products," said Garvin. "Having a mobile alternative to traditional badge scanning is truly needed in this industry. If a company has a large catalog of products, each time a product code changes or a product becomes discontinued, the exhibiting company will have to print new collateral materials, which contributes to booth clutter. We developed a program that will prepopulate all customer data to make the booth visit interactive, informative and memorable. It saves on labor, reduces post-show stress from trying to decipher chicken scratch notes, and directly helps the environment by eliminating unnecessary printing of bulk collateral materials. Developing this Event Engagement tool was a dream come true for all exhibitors and event managers and we are eager to introduce it at HITEC."

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