RoamingAround to Showcase Mobile Engagement Tools at HITEC

  • RoamingAround, LLC
  • 06.17.14
RoamingAround will be showcasing its latest hospitality mobile technology for guest engagement at HITEC in Los Angeles.

This technology will include 360o spherical virtual room tours, geo-location mobile tracking, Mobile Key by OpenWays, cellular signal enhancement, single/multi-redemption incentives and much more in booth 345 at the Los Angeles Convention Center June 24 to 26. HITEC attendees will also experience a new Event Engagement (EE) tool that ensures a return on exhibition investment. Attendees and vendors who check-in on iPads with RoamingAround staff using the Event Engagement tool will qualify for mobile offers towards RoamingAround solutions, and will be entered into a drawing to win mobile prizes.  All giveaway notifications will be sent to winners on their mobile devices; Winners may receive a text of a gift certificate or a notification to come back to booth 345 to claim a prize. 

"RoamingAround's mobile solutions are innovative, customized and proven to make each hotel operate better and make its services more engaging," said Michael Garvin, RoamingAround president and CEO. "The mobile solutions presented by RoamingAround at HITEC are all encompassing to reach all areas of engagement that are guest-centric throughout the experience. We offer personalized engagement, timely interaction and relevant captivation.

"With more mobile-engagement solutions on display than ever before, RoamingAround will be featuring our products in multiple locations, including partner booths and even during HITEC special events," he said. "Therefore, we are putting out a BOLO (be on the lookout) for RoamingAround's mobile guest-engagement tools. When you spot us, as long as you register, you will experience mobile technology like never before, and you will have a chance to win a really cool prize at the same time."

BOLO for Mobile Photo Share by RoamingAround:
Mobile Photo Share by RoamingAround is a fast and fun way to engage with attendees and leverage mobility by instantly sharing photos with their friends and colleagues across the most popular social media channels. Each photo features a digitally-branded frame designed to promote the event. Within seconds of a photo being taken, the image is sent via SMS/text messaging to the photo subject, who in turn can instantly upload the image to their favorite social networking site expanding the reach of your brand. Mobile Photo Share software provides analytics to help measure the effectiveness and track added exposure of the campaign.

BOLO for Mobile Key:
RoamingAround is the North America distributor for Mobile Key by OpenWays, one of the world's leading technology solutions allowing any of the seven billion mobile phones in service to act as a room key. With Mobile Key, hotel guests simply use their mobile device (any smartphone or any mobile phone on any mobile phone network) to unlock their door safely and securely. This year HITEC attendees will be introduced to BlueWays©, a mobile key product that is adding the power of Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) and iBeacon® to enable quick and cost efficient deployment, thanks to new upgrade kits made for the major hotel lock brands.

BOLO for Event Engagement by RoamingAround:
Event Engagement by RoamingAround is a tool to quickly identify who is walking into a booth so that the exhibitor can provide each visitor with targeted information that would be of interest to them or their brand. Each exhibitor will know whether or not the person approaching the booth is a new or existing client, spend history, and have the opportunity to access contact information, property codes and brand association data. This tool facilitates note taking, and those notes can then be shared in real time with sales managers for follow up in hours with the client. Event Engagement by RoamingAround also enables exhibitors to export data for report consolidation to rank tradeshow success.

BOLO for 360o by RoamingAround:
360o is a new way to experience guestrooms and meeting spaces prior to booking a reservation or an event at any hotel. RoamingAround will photograph rooms, meeting spaces, common areas and other locations of interest and then picture stitch the images to create a virtual experience of the property, rather than just posting static photos. 360o enables hoteliers to place hotel guests in the center of each desired location and surround them with visual elements that make your brand unique. Hotels can use this tool to upsell guestrooms by offering deeper customer engagement, showcase its property in a mobile-ready environment, educate guests about its brand by combining interactive touch-points throughout the tour, and drive revenue by triggering impulse actions such as redeeming offers and upselling rooms. Staff can send small files to groups, VIP guests and international travels to upsell rooms and suites.

BOLO for Geo-Location by RoamingAround:
Using geo-location and geo-fencing technologies, hoteliers can trigger events or push location-based services using personalized mobile communications with guests. This tool will help hoteliers to understand guest preferences and historical behaviors better.  With geo-location, market segments are no more. Based on a guest's location, hoteliers can push micro-targeted messaging to better engage with travelers and improve engagement. This tool helps to drive impulse purchases and enables guests to take advantage of luxury amenities in real-time and provides accuracy through location to make all triggers personalized to each individual. Now brands can decide the areas and rules of when and who gets hit with these messages. Based on preferences, messages can be triggered in multiple languages for a multicultural experience.

BOLO for Offers & Incentives by RoamingAround:
RoamingAround is now taking a hotel's print/paper offers, incentives and in-room collateral and making them digital. By digitizing the stay experience, guests have mobile access to all communications on their own device. Hoteliers can send guests options to redeem rewards, coupons, offers or take advantage of luxury VIP incentives. These mobile offers drive revenue by getting people into different venues (restaurant, spa, meeting rooms, gym, night club etc.). Offers & Incentives by RoamingAround enable hoteliers to establish a mobile concierge, promoting things to do in the area (theater tickets, restaurant recommendations etc.) or providing access to transportation services. It's also a way to offer guests an itinerary, so they associate their fun time and special giveaways or rewards with your brand. Finally, Offers & Incentives by RoamingAround gets people talking on social media about your hotel or brand and sharing their experiences.

BOLO for RoamBoost by RoamingAround:
RoamBoost is a solution that provides voice and data signal coverage in areas of the hotel that would otherwise suffer mobile phone dead spots. The in-building cellular solution delivers strong mobile phone signal coverage by amplifying the local geography’s coverage, ensuring that all mobile calls, data transactions and communications are conducted quickly and securely.

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