Shift4, Springer-Miller Systems and Ingenico Group Debut Comprehensive EMV Solution at Beaver Run Resort

  • Shift4 Corporation
  • 07.19.16
Shift4 Corporation, a payment gateway provider, and Springer-Miller Systems, a software provider for luxury hotels, resorts and spas, announced the successful installation of EMV-ready, smart payment terminals from Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING) at Beaver Run Resort, a full-service resort and conference center in Breckenridge, Colo.

Using Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway, Springer-Miller’s SMS|Host hospitality management system and Ingenico Group’s iPP320 PIN pad and iSC Touch 250 devices, Beaver Run Resort is now able to process EMV and NFC/contactless transactions across their hotel property, including the front desk, concierge, vacation rentals and more.
With this EMV solution, Beaver Run Resort is now able to experience the following:
  • Increased defense against counterfeit card fraud: EMV chip cards improve card fraud prevention at physical points of sale as compared to magnetic stripe cards.
  • Layered payment security: Shift4’s TrueTokenization® and True P2PE™ (point-to-point encryption) solutions combine with EMV to ensure that Beaver Run Resort never stores, processes or transmits sensitive card data from the time it first interacts with a payment device. This brings the resort in line with the new EMV chip card standard for processing credit and debit cards while also safeguarding them against card data breaches and reducing their PCI scope. Additionally, Ingenico Group’s iSC Touch 250 and iPP320 smart terminals meet the latest hardware and software security requirements, are PCI PTS 3.x certified, comply with SRED and Open Protocol modules and support all P2PE solutions, making it easy to integrate with Shift4’s True P2PE.
  • A variety of EMV-ready systems especially for hoteliers: DOLLARS ON THE NET supports EMV across Springer-Miller’s product portfolio, including SMS|Host, a complete solution that accommodates the needs of any full-service luxury resort, SMS|Touch, a feature-rich and fully-integrated point of sale system for food and beverage outlets, and SpaSoft®, a user-friendly spa and activity management system.
  • Enhanced guest services: Hoteliers can provide personalized guest services, streamline bookings, and enhance data analysis capabilities thanks to SMS|Host while capitalizing on the fast, secure, reliable payments technologies made available using DOLLARS ON THE NET.
  • Smart payment terminals: Through Ingenico Group’s smart terminals, Beaver Run Resort is able to accept all forms of electronic payment, including EMV chip card, magstripe and NFC/contactless. Guests are also able to experience a fast, multimedia-rich checkout on the iSC Touch 250’s color, touchscreen display. Both the iPP320 and iSC Touch 250 are designed for heavy use environments, making them ideal for the high volumes of guests that resorts and hotels see every day.
  • A fully integrated payment solution: Hoteliers get the convenience and time- and cost-saving benefits of an integrated payment solution, including pre-settlement auditing and simplified PCI compliance, while also evolving the level of payment security offered to their guests. 

“The EMV install went off without a hitch, and because of Shift4’s point-to-point encryption and tokenization, we were able to reduce PCI scope by two-thirds," said Curt Hulbert, CTO at Beaver Run Resort. "This removes a lot of our IT department’s overhead, and I can’t express how much that relieved our PCI burden.”
"Ingenico Group has been very dedicated to helping the hospitality industry migrate their payments systems to accept EMV chip cards, and Beaver Run Resort is just the latest example," said Howard Finch, vice president of sales, Ingenico Group. "Our payments solutions allow hotels and resorts to accept new forms of payments, including NFC/contactless, that allow guests to pay their way, enhancing their stay experience.”
“Springer-Miller Systems prides itself in offering first-class hotel management technologies," said Rob Selwah, senior vice president of operations, Springer-Miller Systems. "We are excited to work with Shift4 to give hotels and resorts like Beaver Run the ability to process EMV transactions as well as the increased payment data security across their entire property.”
“Bringing together three large industry players to deploy EMV at a single resort may appear a herculean undertaking — and indeed it was — but that’s what Shift4 does," said Dave Oder, CEO, Shift4. "We align technology leaders from across the world to offer merchants easy access to the most advanced payments solutions available. We’re excited to partner with so many of the industry’s best and brightest to deliver EMV and true security to our mutual customers, including our friends at Beaver Run Resort.”

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