Systems Associates Inc. Announces Acquisition of Scientific Control Systems

  • Systems Associates, Inc.
  • 06.03.13
Systems Associates Inc. (SAI) is now offering guestroom controls along with its acquisition of Scientific Control Systems.

SAI Now Offering Guestroom Controls with Acquisition of Scientific Control Systems

Systems Associates Inc., a provider of building automation systems for energy management and hotel maintenance, announces the acquisition of Scientific Control Systems. As a distributor of SAI's CONTROLIQ energy-management solution and owner of the Scientific Atlanta hotel property-management system interface, this acquisition is positioning SAI to serve as a comprehensive resource for building automation.
"We are always looking at opportunities to expand our product offering to better assist hotel owners and operators with their struggle to conserve energy and streamline building communications," said David Codding, SAI president. "We have worked with SCS for many years. Their focus has always been on individual offices or guestrooms, so becoming a distributor of our CONTROLIQ solution that addresses energy concerns in public spaces was ideal. Looking to expand our product offerings and interface capabilities to third-party equipment, the purchase of SCS made sense for further growth. Today, SAI stands as a full-service building automation company, supporting all maintenance and energy demands in the hotel environment, from the front of the house to the back, and everything in between."Since CONTROLIQ's architecture supports multiple interfacing capabilities, owning the SCS technology, along with the SA interface, was attractive to SAI and a natural progression of the company's technology development strategy.
Simpler, More Affordable Approach to Guestroom ControlsGuestroom control systems use sophisticated technology, and therefore they tend to be very expensive for owners. The SCS approach to guestroom controls is much simpler. It uses existing HVAC units and thermostats already in rooms, but interrupts the thermostat control when the room is not sold, unoccupied, or during peak electrical demand to conserve as much energy as possible.
Capitalizing on SAI’s interface capabilities, the SCS solution offers a unique feature that supports the goals of energy management while preserving comfort for those servicing the rooms. Using a simple telephone, housekeepers have the ability dial in and temporarily restore the HVAC system to normal occupied cooling/heating mode. After a preset period of time, the system reverts to energy saving mode automatically. This helps maintain employee morale while maximizing savings opportunities at the same time. "SAI looks at back-office operations in a holistic way," Codding said. "We collect information delivered from multiple property systems, and using CONTROLIQ and our SynergyMMS product, we then mine the data and deliver reports to give management a more concise view of their operations. SynergyMMS enhances communications and workflow between maintenance, engineering and housekeeping staff to enhance asset life and longevity, while CONTROLIQ maintains a comfortable climate. Through the acquisition of SCS, those controls and communication is extended to the far corners of each hotel, including guestrooms."Traditionally, SCS' solutions have been installed in properties with 250 or fewer rooms, however, advances in wireless technology combined with SAI's proven solutions are enabling SAI to expand these services to much larger hotels and resorts.
For more information on SAI and its comprehensive product line, visit, or call 419-354-3900.

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