TRITON Featured in Tech Talk at HITEC 2013

  • Knowcross
  • 07.26.13
At the HITEC 2013 Tech Talks, Knowcross introduced The Green Hotel to showcase how hotels can become environmentally friendly with its TRITON and TRITON HK.

TRITON showcases its ‘GO GREEN’ features at HITEC
Knowcross presented ‘The Green Hotel’ during Tech Talk at HITEC 2013 and showcased how technology helps hotels go green.
Green hotels are environment friendly hotels that implement the necessary practices and programs to reduce energy, water and waste. They participate in recycling programs, linen changing programs, install energy efficient lighting, low-flow faucets & shower-heads, use organic amenities & food products and implement other green initiatives like water harvesting etc.
Several studies have indicated that apart from gaining recognition and brand value, hotels also gain economic benefits through environmental and social initiatives which can be implemented with little or no capital. The ultimate result of these actions is a win-win situation - reduce operational costs and save natural resources.
While every hotel wants to be environment friendly, upscale hotels usually struggle to find a balance between providing quality service and being “Green”. Not many are aware that they can actually use technology to achieve both objectives.

TRITON Guest Service Management suite of application has various features that help hotels ‘GO GREEN’. A typical 300-room hotel can annually save paper equivalent to 7 trees, water which can be used by almost 300 households and can expect almost 17% reduction in laundry loads and related water, energy and labor costs. 

TRITON HK, TRITON’s housekeeping app, not only results in dramatic increase in guest satisfaction and staff productivity but also makes the operation paperless. It puts the attendants’ tasksheet on their smartphone and updates the tasksheet in real-time. The app also provides all rooms/staff information to housekeeping supervisors on their smartphones. Using TRITON HK, a hotel can eliminate paper usage in the housekeeping department and a typical 300-room hotel can save paper equivalent to 4 trees annually.
The app also has a feature which enables hotels to set up and manage linen reuse programs as standard or based on guest preference.  By asking guests to choose to use their towels and linens more than once, a typical 300-room hotel can reduce its water usage by 51,840 gallons annually.  There is also the potential for additional savings with reduction in housekeeping & laundry labor and linens & towels purchases.
TRITON Checklist is the digital version of traditional paper-based checklists. Hoteliers can now conduct all inspections from a smartphone and have the completed inspection automatically mailed to management. A typical hotel can save approximately 10,950 sheets annually by switching all their departments to TRITON Checklist for inspection.
TRITON’s Rapid Response automates the handling of guest requests, complaints and maintenance jobs and records these request/complaints in the system. A 300-room hotel receives approximately 2000 requests everyday which is recorded in different departments and in some cases even at the communication centre. By using TRITON’s Rapid Response system, hotels can save 1.5 trees annually.
TRITON also has a Preventive Maintenance module which provides with different energy consumption reports for electric, gas and water. These reports help the management to monitor the readings and take necessary decisions to save energy.

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