TeleAdapt Celebrates 25th Anniversary

  • TeleAdapt
  • 01.24.17
TeleAdapt, a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of connectivity products for the hospitality industry, celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Founded in 1992 by current CEO Gordon Brown, TeleAdapt's internet, power and multimedia products are helping guests stay connected in more than 4 million hotel rooms worldwide.
"As a bedroom start up in 1992 our focus was supporting the business traveler then connecting their laptops by modems to the telephone dialup network – dealing with the myriad telephone sockets that exist in the world," said Gordon Brown, founder and CEO of TeleAdapt. "This was a time when hotels simply did not assist the guest... Today, hotels are very much judged by their guests on the connectivity they provide for internet, entertainment and charging for the multiple devices they are bringing into the hotel rooms."
The company's MediaHub Panels, internet, power and wireless audio products can be found in properties from two to seven-star hotels, from a small boutique to the largest hotels and the foremost hotel brands in the world.
"We initially provided internet connectivity solutions when high-speed internet access first became available in the early 2000s," said Gordon. "We then provided our MediaHub panels to the newly-installed flat-screen TVs ready for the BYOD (bring your own device) phenomenon. Next, we provided a variety of audio and charging solutions to meet the ever-growing demand for more power outlets and mobile phone docking, responding to the guest complaints of ‘never enough outlets, always in the wrong place.'"
Most recently TeleAdapt has seen the advent of wireless connectivity where guests prefer to stream their own content onto the in-room TV. "I am very proud that TeleAdapt is part of this next revolution with our new RoomCast streaming product and look forward to continuing to provide quality products and services to hotels and their guests worldwide," said Gordon.
With operations in the United Kingdom, United States, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE and Korea, and with an extensive reseller network, TeleAdapt's hospitality division is equipped to serve both global hospitality brands and local chains. TeleAdapt holds approved supplier status and brand standards for a variety of its products for most multinational hotel groups including Marriott, Accor, Hilton, IHG, Starwood, Hyatt, Jumeirah, MGM, Sands and Taj. TeleAdapt has strategic partnerships with major TV manufacturers and HSIA/VOD suppliers, and was a founding member of HTNG.
"Back in 1992 as a startup, I could not have envisaged that by 2017 we would have supplied products into over 4 million hotel rooms worldwide from the most luxurious to the budget, from independent hotels to major chains, from hotels worldwide from Finland to Australia, from USA to China, indeed hotels in the vast majority of cities in the World," Gordon said. "I am very grateful for the support of our customers and partners in this fascinating industry and am proud to now have 80 employees in five offices around the world all dedicated to assisting hotels and their guests."

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