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The Hospitality Industry Becomes a "HAPI-er" Place with the Launch of HAPI's Integrated Data Platform

  • HAPI
  • 05.15.18
Data Travel, LLC, a hotel technology company comprised of hospitality technology industry veterans, integration experts and data scientists, has unveiled a transformative data streaming, integration and enrichment platform designed to solve the hotel industry's rapidly expanding data management challenges.

Appropriately named HAPI (which is short for Hospitality API), the comprehensive new platform aggregates the plethora of data that is collected by disparate hotel systems and acts as a central hub for these hospitality data streams.
"Data and system complexity in the global hospitality market has undergone exponential growth in recent years," said Luis Segredo, president and CEO or Data Travel, LLC, the developer of HAPI. "Traditional sources of operational data from property systems like the PMS can be augmented by the vast volume of data from an array of outside sources, such as IoT systems, social activity and publicly available data points. HAPI is the answer to managing these multiple data streams and leveraging their combined power to create better guest interactions, property efficiency and profitability."
The HAPI data streaming platform is based on the most advanced and robust technologies available, including Apache Kafka, the same proven technology that runs some of the world's largest social media and security-conscious business services, such as LinkedIn, PayPal, Cisco and many others. To this proven foundation, multiple layers of encryption, authentication and governance are added to ensure maximum data security and efficiency.
HAPI PMS connectors consume PMS data and convert it into a simple common message type that can be enriched and then consumed by hotel companies and technology providers in a consistent fashion. In its simplest form, this protocol facilitates integrations for new technology vendors in a cost-effective way that accelerates adoption. By providing data enrichment, connection options, scalability, and security, HAPI unleashes a potential for innovation that has never been seen before in the industry.
Data Travel is unique in its focus on data. "Our mission is not to build the next killer app. Our mission is to accelerate and fuel all future killer apps," said Nikolai Balba, CTO. "We are relying upon the diverse network of hospitality solution partners to build around the data connections and insights that HAPI offers."
Nearly a dozen partners are already building connectors for the HAPI platform, including four PMS providers, and more are in development. The types of solutions consuming HAPI's enriched data streams today are CRM and guest service systems. Further details on certifications and capabilities will be released within the next month.
"We look forward to sharing our solution with the industry in order to drive positive change in the way that hotels interact with their guests," Segredo concluded.
To learn more about the HAPI data streaming and integration platform, please schedule a demo at HITEC booth No. 2810 in Houston, June 19-21.

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