UIEvolution Announces Experience Manager™ Platform

  • UIEvolution
  • 06.25.14
UIEvolution, a global connected screen solutions company specializing in highly scalable mobile products and services, has announced the availability of Experience Manager™, a platform for creating next-generation experiences on digital displays.

Providing a unified solution for digital signage, in-room entertainment, personalized mobile applications and business management tools, Experience Manager™ gives enterprise customers complete control over brand identity while increasing revenue opportunities.

Until recently, creating engaging digital experiences faced a technical barrier that prevented marketing resources from maximizing their impact. Experience Manager™ eases that barrier and provides customized engagement options that deliver high impact messaging. The comprehensive solution dramatically enhances how organizations attract, educate and engage customers, guests and employees to elevate brand visibility and increase opportunities.

"The challenge with creating digital experiences has been the need to combine marketing expertise with technical skills," said Chris Ruff, CEO and president of UIEvolution. "Businesses want to be able to support these systems with marketing staff, not engineers. That is why we created Experience Manager™, to provide an easy and quick way to empower businesses to delight their customers or guests through high impact messaging. Our easy-to-use solution has the ability to engage customers and guests is like no other solution on the market." 

Experience Manager™ is a cloud-based solution that allows you to connect with your customers and guests through a variety of content, ad messages and interactive features. The easy-to-use message creation and ad campaign management tool is designed to simplify message creation and deployment for your marketing department so they can focus on connecting with your customers, not technology. Experience Manager™ puts your marketing team in control by making it easy to create branded messages using templates that are as easy to create as managing a blog or social media.
Experience Manager™ is a cloud-based software that: 
  • Uses a web-based dashboard to build template-driven content for digital screens
  • Publishes content from an easy-to-use drag and drop interface
  • Is housed in the Cloud for remote management and updates
  • Is fully localized and up-to-date with current accessibility standards
  • Allows for scheduled campaigns so that screens never go dark
  • Integrates content management systems, third-party analytics and ad networks
  • Supports next-generation video and audio content, including Video On Demand (VOD), 4K Content, Streaming Internet Radio services and more
  • Does not require specific hardware and can be installed at any location and on any screen type
  • Supports connected engagement services like Bluetooth Low Energy/Beacon technology, Wi-Fi locationing, Augmented Reality and NFC
  • Is not limited to an IP environment and can run in COAX or legacy environments that do not require a heavy infrastructure investment

"In today's rapidly emerging digital display market, companies are searching for ways to quickly and cost effectively engage with their customers, " said Travis Beaven, chief product officer at UIEvolution. "They also are looking for ways to unify their digital strategies, which often include data stored in many areas and with many tools. Experience Manager™ gives customers the capability to nimbly manage dynamic content as easily as they would on their own blog. It gives customers or guests a branded and engaged experience when interacting with all of their digital content. It also connects to many CMS and data systems, and doesn't require changing existing systems. Instead you have a single place to manage all of your data and content to create amazing experiences for every device."

Experience Manager™ is part of UIEvolution's Guest Evolution™ platform, a world-class connected screen solution that connects digital experiences, one screen at a time. Having successfully installed and supported over 18,000 in-room entertainment systems, UIEvolution brought the first hotel-quality in-room entertainment system to the cruise industry in 2013. This additional offering expands UIEvolution's ability to provide interactive solutions for multiple vertical markets, including retail, restaurants, hospitality, digital signage, medical, casinos, transportation and more. UIEvolution has proven success working with Enterprise clients throughout North America, Asia and Europe in the hotel and retail industries and is an active member of HTNG.

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