Washington Dulles Airport Marriott Upgrades Existing Guestroom Air Conditioners with AirRevive

  • AirRevive
  • 10.12.15
AirRevive has announced its completion of refurbishing and re-commissioning the Washington Dulles Airport Marriott’s 30 year-old guestroom fan coil units.

When it came to upgrading guestroom air conditioners, the popular contemporary airport hotel chose the emerging technology from AirRevive as a sustainable alternative to purchasing 167 new units.
The property runs at 98 percent occupancy year round with business, leisure and contracted airplane crew to accommodate. Respecting the hotel’s high occupancy, AirRevive technicians worked with hotel management to accommodate the guest’s occupancy needs.
AirRevive conducted a comprehensive site inspection. It was determined the property’s fan coil units first needed to be refurbished then retrofitted with EC motors. The refurbishment included rejuvenating the coil, installing fiber free foam anti-microbial thermal insulation, disinfecting and deodorizing the cabinet, restoring the pan and replacing valves.
The energy efficient EC motors are programmed to produce airflow at the manufacturer’s specification.
New EC motors
AirRevive’s coil rejuvenation is the best practice to attain maximum efficiency from the EC motor. The rejuvenation results in uniform coil performance. It is the best practice to have all the buildings fan coil units clean, working uniformly and optimized before programming an EC motor. If not, the roll out across the building will not be consistent. There will be dirty coils and clean coils in the building that will produce different torque on the EC motor program. The units will also not benefit from the lower coil temperature that results from the rejuvenation.
The re-commissioned units reduced wattage by 84 percent on low, 70 percent on medium and 51 percent on high setting.

AirRevive data collection verified that after coil rejuvenation and valve replacement, coil temperature dropped to an average of 47°F.  This combined with unrestricted airflow prepares the coils for the EC motor retrofit. The coil rejuvenation resulted in the coils and fins cooling the air more efficiently.
The goal for the EC motor retrofit was to provide airflow consistent to the manufacturer’s design specifications. AirRevive successfully reset 100 percent of the units to produce airflow within the manufacturer’s design curve. The result is 167 re-commissioned units.
The EC motor retrofit resulted in the facility’s fan coil units saving about $10,000 per year. The project resulted in the fan coil units operating as new.  The re-commissioning enhanced the units’ operation to perform better than new by: consuming up to 60 percent less energy; maintaining guestroom temperature within narrow band; and cooling the guest rooms within minutes and maintaining temperature set point and by reducing sound.

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