dorma+kaba Merger Expands Kaba Capabilities with 35 North America Offices for Fast System Installations

  • dormakaba
  • 04.21.16
Kaba, the provider of Saflok™ and ILCO™ electronic locks, announced that the 2015 merger of Dorma with Kaba, now dorma+kaba Group, created 35 new North American offices to support installation and service of Saflok and ILCO electronic locks.

The offices, associated service centers and their teams expand and strengthen Kaba’s ability to more quickly meet hospitality industry demand for its electronic lock implementations.

“Demand for Kaba’s mobile access lock systems from its many corporate brand relationships is accelerating,” said Stephen Pollack, vice president of marketing for Kaba. “Kaba is a service focused company and the combined technical strength of the dorma+kaba Group enables Kaba to expand its local presence across North America to fulfill the growing number of installation requests and deliver fast 24/7 service.”

Pollack noted that Dorma has a substantial hospitality presence. The company is recognized globally for its widely installed wall systems used in conference rooms and convention centers, and for its commercial door systems. “The dorma+kaba Group merger creates a synergy between our companies with extended benefits to hotel operators,” Pollack said. “Kaba’s installation teams and Dorma’s professionals now work together in 35 regional offices to support Kaba’s newest secure mobile door lock systems. If there is a need for fast service, a team from the closest dorma+kaba Group offices can get there quickly.”

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