3 Tips We Learned from a Top Luxury Hotelier

Matthew Lynch

As a hotelier, you know there are many ways to define luxury. From a property’s physical space to its service culture standard, there’s no question that luxury lives in the details. But can you define a hotel as luxurious without modern, interactive technology? Perhaps luxury hotelier, Vaughn Davis, can offer some insight.

With over a decade of experience at leading luxury lifestyle hotels in New York and Los Angeles, Vaughn is a forward-thinking, modern-day savant with exceptional vision and consistent attention to detail. As the general manager at Dream Hollywood Hotel, he has introduced ground-breaking developments, like Alfred the delivery robot, mobile and contactless services, and a first-of-its-kind NFT art exhibition in its lobby with The Crypt Gallery.

For Vaughn, defining luxury in the lens of hospitality means creating a seamless and effortless experience for guests. Like a sixth sense, your team must be proactive in anticipating what a guest wants and needs before they request it. Luxury also removes the question “Checking-in?,” and replaces it with “welcome,” and technology gives your team the tools they need to not only know who the guest is but know what the guest will want.

Out of all the valuable tips and words of wisdom Vaughn generously provided to fellow hoteliers during the INTELITY’s Inside the Industry video series discussion, three were significantly noteworthy tips.

One: Pick your vendors wisely and revisit their functionality for guests often.Picking vendors that align with your service culture is tricky. Here's a tool to help make it easy.

Two: Mobile Check-In changes the guests first interaction with your team from talking contract/credit cards to focusing on hospitality.Learn more about how we do mobile check-in and how it could improve your guest experience.

Three: Technology is a tool to help your team – no matter the size – to cultivate your standard of service culture. When done well, the right technology can simplify and streamline your staff's day-to-day tasks.

We created an eBook about operating with a lean team earlier this year.

Throughout the video discussion, Vaughn provides more color on the importance of these three tips, as well as shares further related advice. From one techie to another, don’t miss this valuable and lively video discussion I had with Vaughn Davis.

Watch the Replay - Inside the Industry: Technology is the New Luxury


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