Best Practices for Hotel & Resort Operators in Pool Season 2023

Tracee Nalewak

With the arrival of warmer weather and summer fast approaching, hospitality operators are gearing up for another pool season. This year, technology is at the forefront of driving booking revenue and taking operational efficiency to the next level. Modern technology platforms (such as hospitality’s newest technology category – the Property Experience Management System or PXMS) are providing brand new capabilities that unlock new strategies and approaches to filling the pool with satisfied guests.

Here are four best practices being utilized by the top pools in 2023:

1. Automate inventory yielding

One of the best ways pools can maximize revenue is by yielding prices for lounge chairs and cabanas. While this tech has long existed for hotel rooms, these capabilities have been reimagined for experiences beyond the room. Pools can now automate price increases based on the volume of remaining inventory and pre-set price schedules. Once these settings are configured at the start of the season, all of the pricing can get automatically updated across all connected channels and price changes are reflected in real time throughout the season.   However, if their strategy changes, it only takes a few clicks to adjust their yielding.

2. Cross-sell and upsell cross-property experiences

Pools can offer guests additional experiences across the property, such as restaurant and spa reservations, by cross-selling them within the same booking journey. This eliminates the need to have guests repeat the booking process or to send them to a different website. By implementing an integrated booking journey, operators can create a seamless digital experience, offering all inventory on one website, within one shopping cart, and requiring only one transaction.

An integrated journey can also make it easier to sell add-ons, such as towels and umbrellas, or upgrades, such as premium beverage packages or locations.  Leverage all of these experiences and amenities to offer the best possible experience to your guests.

3. Offer curated experiences

Dream up and create curated experiences that sell themselves. Create a birthday-themed celebration with the best cabana, a limited-time exclusive menu on a holiday, or a very special request that requires some creative thinking.  Guests will be quick to book these services if they’re offered at the right time and place.  Ensure there are multiple ways to cater to the outlier guest; as guest demographics get broader, so do their spending ranges. Then, insert these premium services into an integrated booking journey where guests will be most receptive to the offer.

4. Monitor and analyze collected data

Regularly review upselling and cross-selling efforts and validate yielding strategies. Did something sell out too fast? Could you have charged more?  Using a modern, data-driven approach to answering these questions is enabling pool operators to continuously improve sales and operations year after year.

Of course, these best practices are just the tip of the iceberg and many will forever remain secret. But the right solutions will help operators create their own. To learn more about how UV Enterprise is shaking things up for pools this summer, request a demo today.


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