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Editor's Note - Spring 2017 Issue

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March 01, 2017
Editor's Note
Geneva Rinehart - Geneva@HospitalityUpgrade.com

By all standards Apple CEO Tim Cook knows a thing or two about technology, especially what to watch. In a recent interview with “The Independent,” Cook equates augmented reality (AR) with technologies that are going to be big. How big? Well, Cook believes that AR could be as big as the smartphone.

Augmented reality has been around on the sidelines for awhile, but a nudge from an industry heavyweight like Apple could bring augmented reality to the main stage. And it doesn’t hurt that Apple has demonstrated its commitment to the technology by reportedly hiring a number of AR experts. There are so many implications for the hotel industry especially for event and meeting planners and virtual visits. If you're looking for some great industry uses, check out Max Rayner’s article on page 108. This sector is definitely one to watch as changes are sure to happen quickly with support from a company like Apple.

Here at Hospitality Upgrade we’ve believed in AR since 2013 when we started using it in our Summer/HITEC issue. One of the reasons our staff liked the offering was because it allowed our readers to engage with our content. If you aren’t familiar with AR please look to the instruction diagram to the left and try it today. We happen to agree with Tim Cook, only we thought this was a pretty nifty technology almost 5 years ago. Way to catch up, Tim!

- Geneva Rinehart, SVP/Managing Editor

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