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HSMAI Section: HSMAI's President Bob Gilbert: Opening Remarks

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October 25, 2016
Robert A. Gilbert - bgilbert@hsmai.org

HITEC and HSMAI’s ROC (Revenue Optimization Conference) may be history but the videos will live on.  Scan this page to play some of the videos which provide insights into some of the emerging trends as seen by some of the revenue management executives that were in attendance from more than 127 unique brands, management companies and ownership groups.

There is no doubt that recent headlines in the hotel and revenue management space reflect the need for us all to manage our businesses in a more complex landscape.  The five articles in this HSMAI section provide some practical insights and preview some of the trends on the horizon.

  • Have you downloaded the new Kalibri Labs special report published by the HSMAI Foundation? “Demystifying the Digital Marketplace,” by Cindy Estis Green and Mark Lomanno is now available for download at www.hsmai.org. This Q&A with coauthor Cindy Estis Green summarizes the three major trends which have emerged since the 2012 report and what implications hotels can expect from these shifts.
  • What is the impact of the book direct campaigns for loyalty pricing?  Rajesh Rajan gives us a great summary in his article “How to Deploy Loyalty Pricing.”
  • In “Building A Successful Analytics Team,” Samuel Ayisi shares his insights to make a strong team.  Hotels and hotel companies have to be able to quickly capture and act on big data to make strategic pricing and customer capture decisions.  You need the right team.
  • In part two of “8 More Ways to Build Your Social Enterprise,” Gregg Hopkins shares a great outline for developing your social strategy – and a reminder that you have to customize your own plan.
  • Marketing is undergoing a transition that a new Six Sigma Maturity Model can help measure and manage.  Will hospitality marketing finally be able to measure the impact of marketing efforts based on this model?  See what Max Rayner has to say about this new model which allows companies to diagnose marketing and analytics maturity and create a time-ordered roadmap toward excellence.

We invite you to stay on top of these and other revenue – and profit – optimization trends by reading this section and attending our next gathering of thoughts leaders in the digital and distribution space.  Mark your calendars now to attend the annual HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference on Feb. 22, 2017, in New York.

Robert A. Gilbert
President and CEO
Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International

We hope that the clustering of these related articles is helpful to you and that it represents a whole section you can easily share with your sales, marketing, and revenue management colleagues. And if there are ideas for additional topics you’d like to address, please let Geneva (grinehart@hospitalityupgrade.com) or myself know (bgilbert@hsmai.org).

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