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In Memoriam: Clive Smith

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March 28, 2014
In Memoriam
Geneva Rinehart

Clive Smith from London, U.K., was a familiar and popular face in the hospitality technology industry. He quietly passed away on December 30, 2013, having peacefully celebrated Christmas with his daughters. They proudly tell how their Dad’s last proper meal was Christmas lunch – with a glass of champagne!

Many of you will remember Clive from his days as managing director of Hotel Information Systems in Europe, but less will know that he started his career with Forte Hotels in London, and also spent time imparting his knowledge and experiences as a hotel and catering lecturer. Once established in hospitality technology, Clive spent much of his working life traveling and was a regular at international conferences and events.

Clive was passionate about our industry. He had strong principles and stood by them throughout his career. His sense of humor was legendary, so even if you disagreed with his opinions, you could be sure that you would both end up laughing!

As a boss, Clive knew how to get the best out of his team. He had high (sometimes fastidious) standards but rewarded hard work. He appreciated spreadsheets opening with the cursor flashing in A1, and noticed the small important things, like clean, shiny shoes! He would tell his sales people that he worked for them, and if they ever needed any support, it was his job to provide it. To my knowledge, Clive never reneged on this promise and was often seen offering wise counsel or helping fight someone else’s battle, but always for the greater good.

As well as being an excellent work colleague, on a personal level, Clive was a loyal, reliable and supportive friend. Anecdotes from his industry friends epitomize his character.
"One of a kind and a very nice one at that!"

"A great friend and colleague, and will be sorely missed."

"We are all lucky to have known him for so many years and so many shared laughs."

"Clive was a good friend and a business colleague. We had some good times together. I’ll remember him always."

And from HU's Rich Siegel, "I loved Clive. He was a funny, happy, good guy."

Clive was an adventurer, keen skier, windsurfer, cyclist and Ceroc dancer. Most people were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of his dancing feet at some point. As is often said of those who die too young – he lived his life to the fullest, making the most of the opportunities life threw at him. He generously shared his happy outlook on life with a beaming smile and a wry comment.
Clive had been diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year, and with typical attention to detail, he became an expert on all aspects of the disease and was fully prepared for the treatment and results he could expect. He maintained his zest for life and his humor throughout. He faced his last months bravely and honestly.

He was truly loved and will be missed by his family, friends and colleagues alike.
- Geneva Rinehart, SVP Managing Editor, Hospitality Upgrade
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