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In Memoriam: Joyce Christmas

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March 01, 2013
In Memoriam
Geoff Griswold

Joyce Christmas died on October 7, 2012, at age 73 after her health had been failing for quite some time. She is best remembered in the hospitality industry as the editor of the CKC Report, the first industry newsletter devoted to hospitality technology.

Joyce was more than just the editor. While referred to as the office manager, in the words of longtime coworker Bob Coyne, “She was actually the boss and oversaw all aspects of CKC.” This included billing, bookkeeping, personnel administration and many other duties.

She also wrote many of the articles that appeared in the CKC Report, as well as articles for numerous industry publications, but her writing talents were not limited to trade journals.

She was an accomplished mystery writer with two ongoing mystery series, one featuring Betty Trenka, a retired office manager, and another featuring Lady Margaret Priam, an English noblewoman. Award-winning mystery author Katherine Hall said, “(Joyce) was smart, funny and generous. Her creations, the British expat Lady Margaret Priam living in NYC, and retired office manager Betty Trenka in CT, shared those qualities.”
There were a total of 18 books in the two series that can be reviewed on Joyce’s home page at www.writerswrite.com/authors/joycechristmas.

She also wrote short stories for which she was nominated for three awards. She had been a board member of Mystery Writers of America and active in Sisters in Crime and the International Association of Crime Writers.

Joyce was involved with several charities, along with Larry Chervenak. The pair sponsored an annual Christmas party for orphans held at a church nearby. She personally purchased and wrapped each gift for the children. 

Joyce, for all the good you have done for so many people, you will be remembered fondly and with appreciation.

- These memories of Joyce were prepared by Geoff Griswold and Bob Coyne, who both worked with her during the CKC Report days.

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