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In Memoriam: Tim Coleman, CRME, August 3, 1945 – March 5, 2015

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June 12, 2015
In Memoriam
Hospitality Upgrade

“How very softly you tiptoed into our world, almost silently, only a moment you stayed.  But what an imprint your footsteps have left upon our hearts.” – Dorothy Ferguson


Tim Coleman, CRME
August 3, 1945 – March 5, 2015

When colleagues remember Tim Coleman, words like generous, kind, funny, smart, genuine and warm come to the forefront. He was known for his hilarious storytelling, his loyalty to family and friends, and his unmatched wit.

Here at HU, we had the fortune of working with Coleman over several years and always enjoyed the articles he submitted for the magazine.

Coleman was most recently president of The Coleman Company and chair of the HSMAI Revenue Management Advisory Board. But he began his career in the airline industry (including working the ramp at Oakland Airport while still a student) and spent 23 years with United Airlines. While at United, Coleman was instrumental in the launch of the first Mileage Plus Program. He then went on to work for Westin Hotels in Seattle, consulted with Kimpton Hotels for a period of time, worked for MyTravel and then Kerzner Resorts in Florida. With such great industry knowledge, Coleman then taught MBA-level marketing classes at Seattle University and the University of Washington. After his foray into education, the hospitality industry called on him again, and he and his wife ended up in Las Vegas with MGM Resorts. He continued his consulting business for the next five years, and then retired in the Phoenix area near family with his wife, Ellen, in 2013.

He and his wife have four sons and eight grandchildren, and Coleman was very involved in his sons’ lives over the years, whether at sports events, school events or family gatherings.

Coleman will be missed, and so will his passion for life, the hospitality industry and most important, his family.

Some of our favorite articles by Tim:

June 2013 - Look Out Revenue Managers, Here Comes Big Data

June 2012 – Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, and Great Hotel Rates

Please visit the page that Tim’s son put together: http://timothy-martin-coleman.forevermissed.com.

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